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hi guys! where are all these challenges coming from?? o.O anyways thank you for tagging me @BangtansArmy @caitlind9898 @LaurenAntoine
Five unusual facts about me: 1. I don't usually like to watch movies but when I do they're either movies made from books I read or super hero movies. 2. I'm addicted to concerts. since I can't always go to real ones I own a lot of concert DVDs and I watch them over and over again. 3. I love soggy cereal. 4. I have a forbidden love for cats and what I mean by that is I love cats but I'm allergic to them..boo 5. I'm not very big on sports or any physical activities besides dance.
Name the most outrageous thing you have done, said, or worn? I'm usually a very embarrassing person. I'd often get caught doing something embarrassing like dancing around at work or falling off a chair while eating ice cream but I don't think I've ever done anything outrageous. I'm a very paranoid person.
Random question - If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? @shannon15 If I could have any superpower it'd be to heal...because I'm a sucker for our healing unicorn and I mean how nice would that be...no doctors!
Random question - What fictional character would you love to bring to the real world? @caitlind9898 Would you rather bring your favorite fictional character to the real world, or live in their world? Which character, from what kind of world? I choose to go live in the Pokemon world where I can just become a pokemon trainer and not have to worry so much about getting a career and all that adult shizz...
Random question - What is the one thing that motivated you to become the person you are today. @LaurenAntoine the person that has motivated me to become the person I am today is definitely my parents.
Tag 6 random people with a random question @adorkabledolly @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @tayunnie @jimjammin @B1A4BTS5ever What or who has gotten you into kpop? did someone introduce it to you or did you just happen to come across it etc.
until next time guys!
Absolutely not! They're the weird ones lol
@adorkabledolly ahh! that's good! everybody I talk to about this is always calling me gross besides my sister haha. I was beginning to think it was really strange 馃槀
I mean I like Cereal in general! Crunchy, soggy, I don't judge! But there are certain ones that taste better when soggy 馃槂
@adorkabledolly omg! really?? do you like soggy cereal too??馃榿
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