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Let us accept our flaws in peace.

A group of female graphic designers were asked by website OnlineDoctor to show how they viewed beauty by photoshopping the same photo. Each image depicted a woman that looked nothing like the original photo. It was made clear that these woman's standards had been skewed because of what was deemed beautiful around the world.
Where a size 8 in the United States is considered average, over seas a size 8 is considered plus size. It's amazing and rather disgusting how the idea of what's beautiful changes with different cultures.
You would think that the United States would be promoting body positivity, but even the graphic designer from America seemed to change the original picture. Although, the United States depiction is what would be deemed beautiful and curvy, China's idea of beauty is extremely ridiculous. She may look beautiful in the face, but the rest of her looks sick.
If you were to ask me what I thought about this photoshop experiment, I think that the original picture is beautiful, fearless and bold. She looks comfortable in the skin that she's in and she's not fat. Even if she was to be considered fat, why can't her acceptance and courage be considered just as beautiful as her body?
This experiment goes to show that no matter how much you love yourself or no matter how much you are working on doing better -- there will always be people who don't quite see the beauty externally.
If you keep a positive attitude despite the naysayers and love unconditionally than you won't ever need an explanation of what beauty is.
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