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So I was thinking that I should start a weekly card about my favorite songs that I have heard in K-dramas. You know those songs that come on and just tug at your heart?! Something cute happens and you know that specific song is going to play and just set everything on fire?! The ending song that starts right at the cliffhanger that leaves you pulling out your hair?!? Yes. These. So every Tuesday I will post one song from a random drama and just quickly let you know why I love it and then if you want we can discuss the song/the drama/how hot the actors are/the weather. Whatever. Also if anyone wants to request any song those are definitely open too. I just thought this would be fun so hopefully ya'll enjoy :) So! Without further ado... Let's start with..........
*not my video just needed the song* From 2014/2015 drama Healer (頌愲煬) comes this wonderful power ballad, Eternal Love by Michael Learns to Rock. Michael Learns to Rock is a pop rock band from Denmark.
Healer is a comedy drama about three individuals that are tied together by their pasts, and uncover a huge mystery while working in the media.
Eternal Love is all in English, and extremely sweet and powerful. It plays generally during romantic moments between these two cuties and just brings out their obvious love making me squeal and die and squeal and die. I mean look at them. Have you seen a cuter couple? This song just engulfs Healer to me. I can't think of it without that song and visa versa. Whenever I hear it, I'm brought back to the brilliant drama that captured my heart, and that's what a good OST does.
So! We have our first OST-uesday! Hopefully ya'll like it and want to comment and participate. Has anyone seen Healer? How do you feel about the song? Thanks for participating and please share and let's get a good community going!
I am just tagging who @B1a4BTS5ever normally tags in Kpop things since I know many of you are also interested in Kdramas, plus this has to do with Korean music so I thought ya'll would be interested. Please let me know if you do not want to be tagged, and feel free to follow the card I made for this to keep updated. I'm still pretty new to Vingle so still figuring out techincal stuff. :) @StarBabes @StephyBAP @xoxoaudra985 @bts486 @poojas@jiggzy19 @PassTheSuga @StephanieDuong @KatieWarren @KpopGaby @caitlind9898 @blazinpurplehl @Foxxyjinxx @FrankilliMambo @SaranghaeMariX0 @chelsiec25 @baileykayleen @stevieq @najalong @ErinGregory @netchtiBates @SashaLove @icanteven @heidichiesa @9thMuse @DianaKpop58 @aliciasalinas @zoila205 @AimeeH @AmariAlexander @luotl88 @CrystalBlunt@DianaCastaneda @carolinacastane @YeseniaLira @joykeeem @B2utyrisa @VaneRodriguez @VIPforever123 @kimikodragon @BonnieDomo @SarahHawkins@TMinusEleven @TMinusEleven @Ccandela97 @AngelaPearson @Soulsearcher97 @nightshade18 @KutieKiKi @l3sli3larock3r @jaywoveu @carolinacastane @Suju4evr @kpopis100 @Emealia@ktiffany97 @AraceliJimenez @yessiex3 @SerenaMcG @MorleeCorielus @JosiTorres @frisky199123@AkiraCondry @DulceOjeda @ReddViolet @nykechun @szewwy @MayTaeyang @kpopgirly101@VixenViVi @Monsonna @ParkMeiFan @lianakimura @lamrotamrot @ellenzhao2000@WafflesDrowing @DenieceSuit @nancycappa @Aripendragon @ShadowAnggel87 @kpop14young@ChelseaKing @LmJSuper @kpopandkimchi @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @DianaCastaneda @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @YeseniaLira @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @B2utyrisa @sweetkpxp @Taehyvng @SaranghaeMariX0 @DianaKpop58 @DulceFuentes @LmJSuper @blazinpurplehl @MichiGo4L @Drizzly88 @trashlord @taehyung95 @solodaywithB1A4@JukiLove @jenncrystalv @CynthiaGarcia93 @caitlind9898 @AgentLeo @lamrotamrot @ErinGregory @l3sli3larock3r @katiems @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @sammha @DianaCastaneda @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @SidMontgomery @SadiChoi @AliciaOLeary @kfeind7 @arielleg2000 @daydreamer1221 @DaisyMartinez @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @PrincessNelson @mayawar @braye97 @estelaevezenee @TamsinSkye @YeseniaLira @mendozaleslie12 @JudithAyala @JukiLove @Valerie816 @Yujinnn06 @airreuhl @MelodyLi @Eesis @ellenzhao2000 @Alejandra94 @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @SamanthaDur...
I love ost! especially the ballads. they make me weak馃槩
You do not know how much this struck my heart! I could seriously hug you a hundred times just for posting this OST. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
my favorite ost song if from the Taiwanese drama absolute boyfriend staring goo hye sun. the end theme like we never loved by Jiro Wang....but I also like watching Jiro Wang in the mv lol
I haven't started it yet but It's on my list to watch
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