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Well, to start, I'm old enough to be your mother, and yet I'm probably cooler. Just kidding! But I am old. So #1 is that I am 40 years old #2 Exo and GDragon gave me the strength to end a poisonous relationship after 12 years. #3 My biases are Tao and GD #4 BamBam is my daughter's doppelganger #5 I love 80's fantasy movies #6 My favorite colors are green and purple #7 I look like I'm in my 20's #8 I'm immature and childish #9 #8 is a lot of fun #10 I currently have 4 tattoos And my nose pierced #11 I'm a lg #12 I love anime and manga's #13 I spend too much time watching kdramas #14 currently watching the Death Note drama #15 I'm writing this during my lunch break
you are one cool mom!
this card is fantastic! ^~^
You are definitely cooler haha! I'm very happy for you with #2 that takes a lot of strength to do so I'm glad G-Dragon helped you find the strength within yourself <3 I hope you have a great lunch break :D