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Summer is still in full swing and you 100% still have enough time to go on an epic road trip with your friends. Travel across your country, stop at all the weird road side attractions (America has a lot of weird attractions), and go to the most interesting diners for food. But mostly, road trips are a time to get away, feel free, and have an amazing time with your friends.
Road trips are meant to feel free, completely spontaneous and be the craziest time you ever had. So don't plan it to much and don't weigh yourself down with shit you really don't need. Back a bag, grab the snacks, some tunes and friends and you'll be set for the trip of a life time.
Follow this checklist, get in the van and start driving!
- friends you won't kill after being in a car with them for days.
- A car or better yet a Van
- Gas
- Phone Chargers (for pics and GPS)
- money
- A list of all the places you want to stop at (don't stress when your plans change)
- change of clothes
- top 3 of everyones favorite snacks
- aux cord
- the perfect sound track to sing among to
- pillows and blankets
- sleeping bag
- tent

Some Fun Road Trip Ideas

- Following all the places Man V Food went. Try to beat the food.
- Try and hit ever State capital.
- Go to every single weird roadside attraction (like the worlds biggest ball of yarn).
- Follow your fav band on tour.
- Try sleeping outside in every single state (hence the tent).
- Taking a pic with no pants at every state sign.
And those 6 are just the ones I made up in the past 45 seconds!

The world what are you waiting for?

@virginvingler wow that is even cooler !! That is very freeing and must lead you to some CRAZY times :)
Love your ideas, my only change would be to throw the list of places you want to go out of the window, and go wherever the world takes you. I play a game with my friends where we take turns to decide which way to turn at the next junction. Sometimes we hit a dead end, sometimes we hit something we never knew existed.