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Times like these you wish you would've pressed the snooze button a second time.

You had a delicious lunch and you've officially made it through half of the day. Congratulations. That's great, except for the fact that keeping your eyes open is becoming the ultimate struggle. You're staring at your laptop trying to get some last minute work done before you jet out of the office at 5 o'clock, but you find yourself nodding off while your fingers unknowingly dance across your keyboard.
You try your best to keep your eyes open, but to no avail they close again and you find yourself waking up after nodding off -- yet again. If you've ever been in this specific situation than you know that the struggle is beyond real. You've tried everything, at least you think you have. Let's see what the most effective ways to stay awake at work are and how they may be able to help you the next time you find yourself caught in this situation.

Listen To Loud Music.

Blasting your headphones might just do the trick and if it doesn't completely wake you up, at least you'll be awake for the remainder of the work day. Make sure you're listening to something upbeat and not something that will increase your slumber.

Drink Water.

Drinking water means a full bladder which means going to the restroom. You won't be able to stay asleep if you constantly have the urge to run to the loo [as they call it in the UK]. It may be annoying, but it's better than having your boss find you knocked out at your desk.

Eat A Light Lunch.

If you find yourself extremely weighed down and tired specifically after lunch it could be because of the food(s) you're eating. Stray away from heavy meals and stick to something light.

Go Outside For A Minute.

You can take a quick break and run outside. Get some fresh air and embrace the sun. Maybe the idea of how beautiful [or not so beautiful] it is outside will get you pumped for getting off work and give you something to look forward to.
And if all else seems to fail, you can always try to get more sleep at night:

Put that snooze button to work. You'll be glad you did.