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Previously, I wrote about the appeal ISIS has in drawing young teens on social media to win them over and get them to join their group.
With the news of other teenage girls, as well as couple that tried to join ISIS, I decided to explore what it might be like to recruit for ISIS. You have to prey on the right people.
Let’s brea this down shall we? The Islamic State is an extremely bad, but they are also extremely power. Just like Voldemort and his Death Eater. They have the ability to change people’s minds on issues and convert them to do some pretty awful things, like killing people for horcruxes or running entire wizarding worlds. In order to this, you really have to be strong in your recruitment, training, and manipulation.

Just like other extremist groups, they prey on people that fall under these categories:

People who often feel isolated, alone.
People who feel lost in their identity. They are searching for a new identity, or to feel belonged.
People are used to extremist restrictions or behaviors.
People who feel like they caught inside ideals and pressure, they seek refuse and purpose elsewhere.
Essentially the vulnerable, confused, and in need of direction and purpose...
If we continue the Potter metaphor, this would be like getting Draco Malfoy to do your dirty work inside Hogwarts.

How to help:

By understanding the appeal that ISIS (Voldemort) has, it is easier to not get caught in a trap. Reach out to those around you who might be vulnerable or now feel like they belong!
And more important, don’t be a death eater. You may think Voldemort is cool and badass, but hurting people is never a good idea. There is a whole family of people the Potter side.
I totally agree @virginvingler and I would never want to isolate that community even more! I think you are right though, often times we associate groups with religion, and that’s completely unfair and unkind. We need to open up and form a community with all types of people. I wrote a card about it actually, I bet you would really love the spoken word poet in it :’s-Not-Jihadists
@nicolejb I was talking about this with a friend recently. The real issue we have, is that we're in a vicious circle. A number of people, induced by media hysteria have decided that all people of Islamic faith are bad or 'the enemy'. I have muslim friends who are abused in public, just because they are muslim. As a society, we are making those who are already feeling isolated, more isolated. This then perpetuates the belief that all of Islamic faith are bad - starting the circle again. I think what we need to understand is that there are a minority of people, who happen to be muslim who are guilty of some pretty terrible things. They have formed a loose alliance and are happy to accept any disillusioned soul who cares to join them. We need to realise they are a minority and stop isolating the vulnerable more and more if we can ever defeat this problem.
@virginvingler I absolutely agree with you. Islamaphobia is not the appropriate way to react when a few extremists do something terrible. Especially since Muslims are frequently their victims.
Thank you @TessStevens! And yeah, that’s totally true @shannonl5. It’s not like these people aren’t normal or without hearts (like poor Snape), they just are isolated and seeking direction. And unfortunately manipulative people know how to find them.
Wow, this is really insightful. I never thought about it like this. People always capitalize on those who appear "weaker" or "less" than them and these extremist groups create niche audiences with the disenfranchised. Very good article! @nicolejb and @shannonl5 you're dead on right.
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