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So I was baby sitting for my neighbor's three (really well behaved but also really hyper) boys thinking, 'wow 5 hours is a long time to deal with this energy.'

And then I realized...

Some people do this 24/7...

I can barely look after myself let alone another small human!

So I mention this to the mom of the kids I'm baby sitting and she starts to tell me that being a mom is AWESOME and she loves every second of it.
Mom's are scary specifically because they are so tough. Like, do you realize how incredible you guys are? How you're still normal functioning humans even though you probably don't get nearly enough sleep or "me" time?!


They protect their kids no matter what

Survive on little-to-no sleep sometimes

and you're still some of the nicest people i've been able to talk to on Vingle.

I'm sure there are a lot of times you might feel like this ^

or even this ^

& Our community would just like you to know that you are appreciated and you're pretty much super heroes.

Happy Tuesday to our really awesome moms!!!

(please, please let me know if you weren't tagged - I know I'm missing people but the fear of tagging someone who isn't a mom is paralyzing me. It's almost as bad as asking a not pregnant woman when the baby is due >.< help me out!)
Hopefully our Vingle family helps you blow off a little steam and have a little fun so you can go back to being the awesome people you are, raising some really awesome kids.


I was 24 when I was pregnant. 25 when I had him. I had cancer when I was 19 and they said children weren't possible. When I married my ex-husband I cried because I thought we couldn't have kids. 4 months later we found out I was pregnant. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. The other is when I had him. He will be my only child unless I adopt.
Aww I love this. I have a 3 yr. old son who is my world. I am bother mother and father to him because sadly his father wanted to start a new family with someone else. But don't feel sorry for me. I was able to potty train him on my own and he starts Head Start on monday. I'm also teaching him Spanish and Korean!!! My little man Marius is so smart and I'm an awesome mom/dad!!!!
My babies are 25 and 22 this year. They weren't raised on kpop, but my youngest and I share a love for it. She likes BTS and EXO. I like Big Bang, but also like many other groups.
thanks so much @kpopandkimchi ... my wife is my hero... I've deployed twice to Afghanistan for a year each time, and then was stationed alone for 18 months in Korea...each time essentially leaving her to be a single mom and she held our world together... its now my turn to be a stay at home dad for a year while I finish school
You want to know one hugely remarkable thing I see about this post. The knowledge that the children raised by these parents won't be raised with a bias based on race or cultural differences. Or at least I like to think that we all here aren't biased or otherwise how could we love kpop and the asian culture so much (I want to include or jpop, etc. as well).
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