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@shannonl5 tag me in this #challenge and i accepted
#1 5 unusual random facts about you
1. Born in Russia
2. LOVE Kpop and Kdrama
3. I am Noona (older "sister" or women) to most of the kpop bands bahaha (shame)
4. I am crazy. I will talk about ANYTHING pretty much lol
5. I like meeting new people and make friends.
#2 Most outrageous thing you've done, said or worn
I really cant tell wont be appropriate for this page it rated R or M whichever baha
Worn?! me and my friend dressed as hookers for Halloween does it counts? bahaha
#3 Answer the random question
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? @shannonl5
Teleport. Because i could teleport to Russia and see my family (its to expensive to go there) and also teleport to Korean for kpop concerts lol
#4 Tag 6 random people with random question for them.
Would you read my dirty fanfics???? (baha i didnt know what to ask)
Thanks @shannonl5 it was kind of fun. i usually dont do those kind of challenges because i dont find them that interesting.
And I did!! Wow!!
Yes. Yes I would... :-D And I will. :-D
Dooo it!
@netchtiBates lol no time like the present!
Idk don't really read fanfic Lmao
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