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And now they've got BAD BLOOD.

Will the Twitter wars ever end? It seems like Taylor Swift is always the topic of conversation as of lately on Twitter. She somehow continues to create fires by saying certain things that others don't agree with. It's no surprise for the artists in the music industry, when someone becomes super successful, it's only a matter of time before other celebrities try to tear them down. But this time deals with Zayn Malik retweeting a comparison of Swift and Miley Cyrus by victimizing Swift. Obviously Calvin Harris, Swift's boyfriend, quickly swopped in to defend her. He and Malik exchanged some very heated tweets that took the internet by storm.
Swift got into a twitter war with Nicki Minaj earlier this summer which resulted in Swift apologizing. Katy Perry made jabs at Swift during the exchange but they never directly tweeted at one another. Perry also has had issues with Harris in the past who ended up canceling on Perry's world tour leading to Perry calling him flaky as usual. Cyrus recently said in an interview that she didn't understand how Swift could be a role model after her Bad Blood Music Video. Interesting to see how people are turning on this power couple.

The VMAs are going to be one big celebrity feud.

The tweet above is an exact replica of the tweet originally tweeted by @FemaleTexts. The post shows an unbalanced comparison between Cyrus and Swift. It notes that Swift refused to put her music on Spotify because she wanted to be paid fairly. Then it shows how Cyrus doesn't care about money since she has plenty of it and has started the Happy Hippie Foundation to battle homelessness in minority groups, especially LGBT youth. Neither is better than the other. Of course Cyrus doesn't care about money, she's been in the spotlight her entire life making a fortune. And Swift doesn't care about money either, she's just trying to protect new artists who are struggling to support themselves as they enter the industry. However it unfairly targeted Swift making Miley seem like a hero.

Calvin Harris swoops in to defend the budding artists and his girlfriend in a sarcastic jab at Malik.

Harris continues to support Swift while bringing light on starving artists. Malik counteracts Harris by mocking him referencing Harris' age.

Things seemed to calm into a bitter blame game.

Which was quickly escalated by Malik. Harris took the high road.

Who won?

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Day by day zayn is giving me shock with his behavior.