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Imagine hiking up to a canyon in British Colombia, Canada and stumbling upon a waterfall! You decide to take a dip, and after slithering down the water flowing in between the rocks, you join into the waterfall, dropping 35 feet into the water below.
Yup, it’s waterslide meets the natural wonders of the world. Located in Lynn Canyon, Canada it’s perfectly made by nature, and perfect played on by humans.
The water is also deep enough that you can feel safe enough to jump into the waters. Many visitors even try a little cliff jumping from other points on the rocks.
So you know, if you don’t already get a thrill from rushing down a natural waterslide and waterfall, you can just off the cliff and into the water. I’ve been cliff jumping before, so I would be all about that rush.
Trip to Canada anyone?
(minus the flips, lol)
It’s seriously awesome, right @allischaaff?! It’s actually pretty safe to jump into the water because it’s so deep, but yeah, you probably should be careful about where you jump... haha I’m no professional. But I do it!
HOLY. CRAP. That video seriously blew my mind!! I think I'm getting an adrenaline rush just watching them... holy crap. SO dangerous!! I'm amazed no one got hurt! These people definitely must be professionals.
I kinda felt the same way @LizArnone: Like, OMG AH. then AH THAT IS SO COOL.
i actually went down a natural water fall/slide in costa rica and it was totally cool AND super flat because of the water so your legs didn't even get cut up from the rock
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