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You were warned! Read on your own risk!
This is one of my smuts i wrote while back.
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Taecyeon oneshot
You were 13 and Taecyeon was 18, in America you are not old enough to stay on your own and since your parents know each other they ask Taecyeon to watch you. You really hated the idea because he was babysitting you, even though you not a baby and you had crush on him but he always saw you as a kid but never treated you like one and that's why you liked him so much. Every time he went back to Korea you missed him.
You are 15 and he is 20, he came back to see his parents and they ask him to watch you again. You still had crush on him even though you didn't see him in two years. One night he was watching you or more likely TV.
"You growing up fast" he said seeing you wear short skirt and see thru top when you walked in to leaving room
"Yep. Oppa do you mind if I go and hang out with my friends?" You ask him that was the night your friends invited you to the party
"I promise your parents that I will watch you" he said still looking at you
"Oppa I am not a kid anymore, in one more year I will be 16 and I won't need babysitter anymore either" you complain
"You not going to see me for few years so how about to change and spend your time with your favorite oppa" he smile, you raised your lip in disagreement but inside you were happy. You pull your phone out in front of him and told your friends that you are not coming and they were not happy. You went upstairs and change to yoga pants and v neck shirt. You came down stairs
"See isn't better to stay home?" He asked
"Not really but since I am staying home do you wanna watch a movie?" You asked and he nod. You went to the TV and bend over on purpose to see how he will react and with corner of your eyes you saw him shifting in his seat, you thought he was getting comfortable. You put movie on and sit down next to him. He throws his hand over your shoulder
"It's nice staying with your oppa right?" He asked you unwontedly nod. You still didn't know what he felt for you. But few days later you were standing in airport with your and his parents
"Good luck Taecyeon" said your mom giving him a hug
"Baby don't work too hard" said his mom crying and you felt your tears building up too.
"Umma stop it" he said hugging her
"Thanks for watching our kiddo" said your dad
"It was my pleasure Mr. Smith" he shook hands with him
"____ are you going to say bye?" Ask you your mom
"Bye oppa" you said not looking at him, you didn't want him to see you cry
"Come here" he kneeled down and hugged you; you barred your face in crock of his neck and start to cry, you couldn't hold your tears anymore. "Now don't cry" he hugged you tighter "when you become older, you can come and see me and I promise I will try to find time to spend with you, okay?" He asked pulling away from you and wiping your tears, you just nod in responds. "Good" he got up "bye everybody" he waved and just like that he was gone. And you start crying more in to your mom’s shoulder
"Its okay _____ we will miss him too. One day if you want to study in Korea, I have friends who work at college and we will send you there" said his mom.
"Really?" You asked and she nod so did your mom but you knew it was a lie because your parents will never let you go. But for that moment you believed them.
5 years went by you finished school and went to college, you forgot about Taecyeon and that he was your crush for longest time. After your second year of college was over your friend ask if you want to go to Korea with her to see this one band called 2PM. You remember the words your aunt (that's what you start calling Taecyeon's mom) said that one day you can study in Korea and you wanted to use that chance and see which college you can choose, you remembered that Taecyeon lives in Korea but you thought he is probably already married anyways so you weren't interested to see him anyways.
2 days in Soul, Korea you enjoyed its beauty and thought you will be able to live and study here. One afternoon your friend pulling you to 2PM concert. You were sitting too far away to see who is singing and dancing on the stage and you really didn't care
"Hey ____ take some pictures for me please" ask your friend and unwontedly you got up from your seat and start taking pictures.
"Is that...?" You ask your self-looking at one of the pictures "nah, my mind playing tricks with me" you said to yourself. After the concert your friend pulls you behind the stage "What are you doing?" You asked her
"I got passes" she smile
"What? And we were sitting so far away?" You complain
"Tickets I got in last moment and passes my dad got me as early birthday present" she explains.
"Seriously" you looked at her. You didn't know who 2PM was, but concert was a concert for you and you had to admit you liked few of their songs. When you walked in to the room there was six guys sitting and laughing.
"Guys here is your fans from America" said their manager. When one of the biggest and tall one turn around your mouth drop to the floor
"Oppa" you said loud looking at Taecyeon in surprise. So your mind was not playing tricks on you when you were looking at the picture. Your friend and others looked at you and room got quite
"___" he said also surprised, now everybody was looking at him. Then he smiled and in kind of childish voice said "come hug your favorite oppa" spreading his arms, everybody in the room look from him to you
"Taecyeon I am not kid anymore" you said with smile and rolled your eyes at his reaction
"Come on...don't make your Oppa wait" he wiggled his arms around waiting, you laugh and didn't have other choice but to do what he asked. You walked to him and hugged him. He tighten his arms around you. "Long time no see" he said sweetly and you remembered why you had crush on him for so long.
"Yeah. Taec you choking me" you said when he was hugging you really tight
"Sorry" he let go "what are you doing here?" He asked
"I came here with my friend. Wait you in the band?" You ask
"What did you thought I was doing here all those years?" He ask smiling at you still having his arm around your shoulders and you didn't know that you have your arms around his waist. He was tall and you were still short.
"I thought you working and got married" you said not realizing that there was disappoint in your voice
"Really? Are you jealous?" He asked smirking and then you realized why
"No. It's just you didn't come home for so long" you said trying to stay cool he just laugh.
"Wait a second" scream your friend and makes everyone jump in surprise "you know each other?" She ask looking at you and you saw envy in her eyes
"Sorry" said Taecyeon looking at guys "let me introduce you. This is ____ I was babysitting her when she was younger" he press you closer to him. You smile awkwardly and nod
"HE was your BABYSITTER?" said your friend really loud and you heard a little anger in her voice.
"Yeah it was loooong time ago" you said reassuring your friend
"And you didn't tell me" she looked at you
"Sorry I didn't know he is in a band" you said with apologetic smile
"Well since its reunion for you two, why won't we go grab something to eat?" Offered one of the guys
"Yeah I am hungry" said shorter guy
"It sounds great Nichkhun" said Taecyeon. All of you walked out of dressing room. Taecyeon looked at Nichkhun and he knew that Taecyeon wanted to talk to you since you both apparently didn't see each other for long time but your friend was mad so Nichkhun pull her with him and that distracted her. You two walked few feet behind everybody
"Wow you in the band" you said still surprised
"Yes. You grow up into a beautiful Lady" he said and you looked at him
"Thank you" you smile and he put his arm over your shoulders once again. You got to restaurant and Taecyeon ask for separate table
"But...." Start whining short guy
"Junho we have lots of catching up to do and I know you guys won't be able to keep quiet" Taecyeon said to him and both of you went to separate table.
"So how have you been?" He ask after you've done ordering
"Good. Studying a lot. Wow I still can't believe you are in the band" you said once again
"Have you forgotten about me?" He ask and raised his brow when you looked away "You did" you hears disappointment in his voice and look back at him
"Sorry. After you left I was sad for a year or so but then graduation came and I start college and got wrapped in school. But seeing you now I know how badly I missed you" you said with sorry look
"Good. I missed you too and I have to say you look great" he looked at you with his gorgeous smile you felt your heart beating fast just like when you were teenager
"Thanks" you blushed
"Even you blushing right now make you look more beautiful" he notices your face turning red from complements that he made
"Stop" you said looking away
"No really" he touch your hand
"Oppa" you moved your hand away and look around make sure nobody see you.
"I love when you call me like that" he chuckle
"Taecyeon" you raised your brows
"What? I always have" he said honestly
"You have?" You looked shocked
"Yes" he took your hand in his
"Oppa" you said and try to pull your hand away again but he holds it tight
"You know that your were little tease when you were 15" he said squeezing your hand
"What?" You slightly laugh and let him hold your hand
"Hyung we are going home" came dark hair boy to your table and look at your hand and you try to pull away but Taecyeon didn't let go
"OK Chansung I will be there later. Oh and can you do me a favor?" He look at him and Chansung just nod, they left taking your friend with them.
"Taecyeon everybody is looking" you said noticing that people stare and whisper around you
"How about we go for a walk?" He asks and wink at you
"Aren't you tired?" You ask
"I was, until I saw you and I have so many questions to ask you. I will be right back" he said and went to pay the bill
"I supposed to be the one asking questions" you whisper to yourself biting your lip "why is he acting like that? Why now?" You ask yourself. He came back to the table, took your hand and lead you out of restaurant. You were in some kind of park, there was not too many people maybe because it's was already late and dark outside
"Its my favorite time to be here" he said
"Why?" You asked but kind of knew the answer
"No screaming fans and nobody taking picture of you" he said looking down at you. "And how I was saying at restaurant. You know that you were a tease?" He ask
"How?" You ask back with slight laugh and he pulls you to a nearest bench
"You know why I didn't let you go last time?" He ask finally letting your hand go and taking a seat
"Why?" You ask sitting down next to him and look at him but he wasn't looking at you
"I knew you going to go to the party and I couldn't picture other guys touching you especially wearing that skirt" he said still not looking at you
"Like I said before I am not a kid anymore and other guys have touched me" you said looking into the night
"Its because I was not around or I would break their hands" he said with slight anger
"What?" You were surprised by his tone
"I never saw you as a kid" he finally looked at you and you saw something in his eyes but you couldn't tell what "We only 5 years apart. And I knew the day will come, you will grow up and could be mine" he was serious and you couldn't believe his words
"Yours?" You ask
"The day I make you stay with me and when you bend over in those yoga pants I really wanted to jump of that couch and spank you" he said looking away with smirk on his lips, and that make you shift in your seat "you had no idea what I was imaging while we watched movie"
"And what was it?" You ask and he looked back at you little surprised
"You really want to know?" He ask with raised brow
"Yes" you smile
"I don't think your ears will be able to handle it" he said smirking
"You don't know what I can handle now" you said also smirking
"Fine. You ask for it" he looked away "I was imaging spanking your ass then taking you to the couch and fucking shit out of you" he said and look back at you to see your reaction
"And why didn't you?" You look perfectly calm at him and he was more surprised
"Because I didn't want to look like pedophile" he said "you were too young but a fucking tease" you laugh and got up, you need to do something you were getting cold and turned on at same time. You start walking and he followed you
"You know that I had a crush on you for a longest time that's why I cried at the airport when you were leaving" you admit. Since he open his feelings to you, you decide to take a chance and do the same
"Why you didn't tell me?" He ask and you stop in your tracks, cool wind blow and you shiver
"Cold?" He ask standing behind you
"A little" you said, he hugged you from behind "I was afraid to be rejected, after all I was a kid back then" you close your eyes feeling his warmth
"If you have told me, I would have come back for you when you turn 18" he said holding you tight
"I thought you see a kid in me even though you never treated me like one. You know I purposely bend over that day" you admit
"And you didn't notice I shifted in my seat?" He asked
"I thought you were getting comfortable
So then I thought you were not interested in me, so I ignored it but time went by and I forgot you plus like I said earlier I thought you got married" you said and notice few people looking at you two just standing there and he is hugging you and you try to move but he only moved his hands to your waist
"Do you know how many times I jerk off picturing you in that position and me behind you?" He asked and you look back at him with raised brow, he turns you around "do you know how badly I had to hold it back? Do you know when mom asks me to watch you and how many times I said no?" He was serious now and you saw a little hurt in his eyes
"Why?" You ask
"Just like I said before. I picture fucking you and didn't want to be a pedophile at that time" you laugh at last word "it seems funny now but back then it wasn't a joke to me. And if I would have done it and you didn't like me, I would get in a lot of trouble and I didn't want to lose you even if you didn't see me as a man..." You stop him by putting your finger on his lips
"I always saw you as a man since I was 13 but I was a kid. And at 15 even though I thought I was growing and wanted you but think you didn't wanted me. And a little secret I also imagined you fucking me" you smirk and so did he but then he kiss your finger and you removed it from his lips
"Then maybe we should turn our imagination to real thing?" He asked and you moved uncomfortably he notice and smirk "I'll take that as yes?"
"You know that I always wanted you to be my first but it never happened and I didn't see for so long" you said almost begging
"Oh baby I wanted that too. I wanted to be then one who takes your virginity, I wanted to be the one who made you scream" he said pulling you closer. Your lips were inches away “I wanted to so many things to you"
"Well nothing is stopping us anymore" you said
"You right. Nothing and no one" he attached his lips to yours. You answered him right the way, his tongue was battling with yours and when he took over you moaned "please don't do that" he said breaking your kiss and panting
"Do what?" You ask standing on your tippy toes and moaning onto his ear
"That" he inhales "let's go to my place before people start talking and my imagination become to reality here in front of everybody" he grabbed you and pull you to detection you came from
"But your friends" you said
"I have my own place" he smirked
When you got to the building you saw bunch of girls with posters in their hands with his name on it
"Damn fans" he said and took you to underground garage. "This way is longer but safer" he said to you "and I want you to be safe. Because we have long night to go" he smirks and you were getting wet from his words. You got in to the elevator and he pressed you to the wall and his body against yours. You could feel his getting hard "oh how long I've been waiting for this" he said kissing your neck
"Taec" you moan
"Baby you will be screaming my name in few minutes" he purred on your ear and his voice was so much deeper then it could possibly to get and your panties were getting wetter
"Oppa" you moaned when he kissed your neck
"Baby say it again" he begged
"Oppa" you moan again when his hand was under you shirt
"Damn, how can you sound so sexy? I mean how many girls I fucked they never turned me on that badly" he press his forehead to yours and took you hand to his bulge "I mean my dick hurts in my pants so badly" he breath on your lips
"Don't worry they will be off soon" you purred and he bit his lip and close his eyes when you rubbed his bulge through the cloth
"You the only girl I've been dreaming to fuck past a year now"
"Only a year?"
"I try keep myself busy not think of you and what I could have done to you" elevator open and he practically flew out of it with you. He struggle to open his door, you came behind him and wrapped your hands around his waist
"Calm down I am right here" you said breathing on his back he pressed his head against cold door and inhale
"You making this harder to do it" he turn around and pin you against the wall throwing your hands up, holding them and kiss you hungrily
"Oppa" you said breaking your kiss "you don't want to neighbors to see us"
"I can give less fuck right now" he release you and turn to the door again, his hands were shaking when he try to open door "stupid door" he mumble
"Let me try" you took keys from his hands
"Sorry I'm just so impatient right now. Knowing that I finally will have my favorite girl" he hugged you from behind "the girl I've been wanting since she was 15" he said onto your ear
"Taec you making this hard right now" you said and he step back taking a deep breath as soon door open. He pulls you inside and locks the door, turning back around and smacking you against the wall kissing you passionately like a hungry beast. He lifts you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist and your hands went to his hair. You pull on his hair and he growl
"Damn it why you have to be so hot" he bit your neck
"Hhhhsssss" you hissed from pain "gently oppa" you said
"I can't help it" on the way to his room you removed all top clothes. He lay you on the bed "when did your breasts become so perfect?" He asked looking at your body while he try to undo your pants
"Long time ago" you laugh
"Damn" he hissed struggling with your pants
"You need help?" You ask and reach to help him but he smack your hands away "ouch" you yelp
"Sorry" he took your hands and kisses them gently
"Taec calm down" you sit up, you took his face in your hands "hey I am yours right now so take it slow" you peck his lips
"I know. It’s just been so long since I have desire you" he try to breathe
"And you can have it all but not until you calm down"
"I am" he breathe in and out
"You look like a hungry beast" you said with smile
"You know that my nickname is Beast" he smirks
"Really?" You smirk back
"And this beast about eat this pussy" he said yanking you pants down "and seems like this pussy is ready for the beast" he said seeing you panties were soaked
"Yes" you moan and he spread your legs and got on his knees. He inhale your scent
"Damn babe you not just look good to eat but fucking smell fantastic" he pull your panties down
"" you moan when his face was between your legs and his tongue just barely touched you
"Say it again" he ask for
"Oppa" you moan as he asked
"Fuck" he said and dippen his tongue in you. You pretty much scream when he sucks on your clit
"Oh Taecyeon" you groan. He put one finger in you, then another and as he curled his fingers in you, you arch you back "please Taec stop teasing" you begged
"Baby I have to stretch you, I don't want rape my favorite girl" he said kissing your breasts
"Don't worry I can handle it" you were panting
"Baby no. I have to, I don't want to hurt you" he stood up and kiss your lips
"Why?" You ask
"Because I love you and you about to see why the call me Beast" he pull his pants down
"Shit" your eyes wide at sight of his huge dick. I mean you seen big dicks before but his beats every dick you have ever seen
"I told you" he smirk "now you know why they call me beast and I don't want to rape my precious girl" he position himself by your entrance "you ready baby?" He ask slowly pushing in
"Ahhh" you shut your eyes feeling a little pain he was not joking
"You okay?" He stops and pecks your lips
"Don't stop" you said he moved half way in and stop for you to get use to his size. You dig you nails into his back and pull him closer to you which make him slide farther in to you "Taec" you screamed
"Yes baby" he stops and lifts himself up to look at you
"Move faster" you said. He looks down and saw he was all the way in
"How is that possible?" He ask shock that you took him all in
"What?" You look at him
"Nobody was able to take me whole" he said still surprised
"I told you I can handle it" you smirk
"Fuck baby"
"Now move" you order him and so he did but slow at first he still was watching how his dick came out and went all the way in. You arch your back and he slide his hand under raising your body to his
"You are so beautiful" he moan on your ear
"Oppa move faster" you begged
"As you wish" he kisses your neck and start slamming into you. You scream his name and it only make him move faster
"Oppa" you scream feeling every part of your body tighten inside of you
"I am so close. Baby cum all over my dick" he asked biting your neck in same spot that already had left a mark. You did making him extremely wet, he thruster few more time with sound of slapping skin and he came in you. Both of you lay there trying to catch your breath
"Taecyeon" you turn to him baring your face in his chest softly kissing
"My girl" he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer "my favorite girl in the world" he kiss your head
"Oppa why you didn't come home?" You ask after few minutes being quiet
"I was busy working and when I call my mom told me that you have a boyfriend and I couldn't see that or know that somebody else hugging my girl so I try to stay away" he said with sadness in his voice
"I had a boyfriend" you said with slight laugh "when was that?"
"About a year ago" he admit "I was so mad and same time didn't want to get in your way" he said changing you position, now he was laying on your naked chest
"Jerk" you slap his back and he bit your nipple that make you moan "stop" you laugh
"Why? Is that turning my baby on?" He flips his tongue on your nipple and sucks it hard
"Oppa" you slap him again then both of you laugh "I truly thought you didn't come home because you got married or something like that" you said with little jealousy in your voice
"No" he laugh "there is only one girl that I am ready to spend my life with" he said
"Who is that bitch? I will kill her" you said angrily he laugh and raise his lips to yours but not touching
"You are that girl" he said looking straight in to your eyes
"What?" You ask surprised
"You might don't remember but once you asked me when you were 13 who would I married when I didn't answer you got mad. And I said when you grow up you will hear the answer. And I just answered" he kissed you
"Oppa" you were shocked
"I love you ____ so much. All those year waiting until you grow up drove me crazy" he said kissing you again
"Taecyeon" you said didn't know how to answer to his words.
"I know I waited all those years to say that but I can wait longer if I have to but I have to admit after having you I wouldn't be able to get my hands off of you" he smirk his hands traveling down your body
"You don't have to wait because I love you too" you kissed him and he was surprised
"You do?" He ask
"More then you can possibly think. I told you I had crush on you for looongest time" you smile
"I wished you have told me earlier so I didn't have to waist all those years thinking what IF" he said and you felt his hand sliding down your body again "now about those spankings" he smirk and slightly slap your thigh
"Taec" you laugh
"I told you I will make all those imaginations come true" he flips you on him and smack your ass you moan
"I can't say no to my favorite oppa" you kissed him
"That's right" he set you up and his hard again dick and make you ride him with slapping your ass now and then. You two were happy and all those years of waiting were just perfect.
Few years later at the wedding you heard Taecyeon's parents and yours talking
"I knew they will get married" smiles his mom
"Me too" said your mom "even though I thought age difference would be a problem for them"
"No, Taecyeon don't care about age" said his dad
"After all age doesn't matter" your dad hug your mom and Taecyeon's parents agreed
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