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so I got quite a few different match ups from everyone! 14 to be exact with 18 people who matched me with awesome Kpop artists <3 Thank you everyone who commented!
my 1st place was Jr from NU'EST with 3 comment votes! ^^ He's a cutie haha thank you guys <3
my 2nd place tied with 2 comment votes! Rap Monster from BTS & Jackson from GOT7! ^_^
All the rest were 1 comment vote! One comment said anyone from GOT7~ haha these guys are all so awesome!
Then someone said anyone from B1A4 but said especially Baro! ^^
I had 2 members from VIXX, Hongbin & N! ^^
the very 1st comment I got said Sungjun from Boys Republic!
Onew from Shinee was also picked!
also got one for Xiumin!
Wooyoung from 2pm too!
Lee Hong Gi was another one! ^^
and finally I got one for Lee Min Ho even though he's an actor lol
this is the selfie I posted with my original post. Thanks so much everyone for being my Vingle Matchmakers <3 Which guy do you think matches best? I want to agree with Jr honestly cuz he's really cute~ lol & got 3 votes! ^_^ @reddviolet @eringregory @warjeensuleiman @emealia @carolinacastane @szewwy @aimeeh @caitlind9898 @baileykayleen @b1a4bts5ever @b2utyrisa @dianacastaneda @katelynsummerso @kimleekwonshin @blazinpurplehl @adorkabledolly @laurenautonie
That gif at the top is literally the best :)
Rap Mon! Yes I agree!! 鉂も潳
@katiems you're welcome dear, he also has a voice of an angel! ^~^ I'm glad you liked my ship!
@AimeeH hehe~ he is really cute thank ya! ^^
Sung jun! I've been waiting so long to ship him with someone! I still think y'all would be perf! <3