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Love this idea from Wedding Chicks!

I am sharing this for all the girls out there that suffer from:

* Random or single socks left in the washer/dryer
* Having a boring hair day
* Emergency last-minute #FML wedding day hair fiasco
* Any other hair-related issue that I didn't mention
All you need to to is grab a short sock and snip the toes off.
Roll it up like a scrunchy.
Put hair up on top of your head with an elastic
Drop rolled sock over pony tail and twist so the hair wraps around the sock.
Keep twisting till it's at the base, comb and pin.
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yess this is my emergency bun for every occasion
Im lucky mine takes the shape of however I do it...curl, straight...
So glad you like this one @Bekka Me too!
lol I wish but is fair hair lol
I wish i could give your comment 10 hearts @Bekka because I am SO JEALOUS! You must have the most perfect hair in the world. Ugh...
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