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“Can I have your number?”
“Why not?”
“Because I don't want to give it to you”
“Here, take my number, then."
“No, I don't want it. I am not going to call you."
When I used to reject a stranger, I used to give them a billion excuses as to why I am rejecting them. Most of them were lies -- like, I have a boyfriend. Actually, that was the only excuse I’d give. Because I realized that me saying, “I am not interested.” Was translated to, “if you persuade and annoy the shit out of me enough, I might just give you my number.” And that’s totally not it.
And of course there were those who were like...
What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to convince or persuade another person to give their number. Why would you want someone who needs to be annoyed to death to say "yes" to a date or to give their number away.
I have taken the honesty is the best policy approach. I say no. Over and over again. Because even though I might be single, that doesn’t automatically make me interested, or even available (imagine that!)

Do you give the honest approach?

Or do you give a million excuses?

What has worked for you?

Alright, here's an oldie but a goodie. Have a great day!

ugh. I resonate with ALL OF THIS. It seems there is some sort of male entitlement when it comes to some getting my number. If I didn’t want to give you my number before...I DEFINITELY don’t want to give if you can’t respect that.
Ugh. I'm like, why can't guys just leave me the f*$& alone?? I hate pushy people who ask me for my number and expect me to give it to them even after I've said no like 5 times. Sometimes I do a bad thing and just say okay what the hell, here it is. And then they're disappointed when I don't text them back or want to hang out with them. Why would I want to hang out with you if you had to basically bully me into giving you my digits????
But like how do we deal with it, you know? Is this a thing that society needs to fix, or is there a way to get it through to those stubborn men?! lol @BPF1916 (I needed to rant, lol)
@nicolejb exactly... I think they're or really dumb or really stubborn... but probably both ahah
I used to give them my dad's cellphone number and then text my dad giving him the heads up about the obnoxious guy that kept asking for my number lol.
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