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Thank you @caitlind9898 for tagging me in this challenge! Here is my response. >_< (I didn't know Jenna Marbles had a challenge accepted gif lol but I had to put that How I Met Your Mother reference in this!)
5 Unusual random facts about myself: (I had to put my all time favorite celebrity guy from "Teen Wolf" Stiles or Dylan O'Brien!) 1. I wiped out on a go-cart while my sister was driving and rolled in gravel once and I got all scratched up. 2. I have a scar on my check from a dog bit. 3. I have never dated before even though I'm almost an adult. oops! Ain't nobody got time for that! 4. I have been drawing anime ever since I was 12 and I was self-taught. 5. Even though I'm a senior I am still told I look about 2 years younger, and that I don't look my age.
Most outrageous thing I've ever done, said, or worn: I can't think of anything from my past that I've done, so I'll say the more outrageous thing I did a couple days ago was my sister had truth or dare gum and she read off the dare which said "yell I love you" and we were sitting in the parking lot where two guys were towing a car and my mom was walking back to the car and I yelled I love you and she laughed and the two guys looked at me. I was so embarrassed! ^_^
Random Question Part 1: Fictional character I would love to bring to the real world? I would bring Erza Scarlet because I would want her to be my best friend and eat cake with her lol. She could also make the world a better place and get rid of all the bad guys like she does in Fairy Tail!
Random Question Part 2: Would you rather bring your favorite character to the real world, or live in their world? Which character, from what kind of world? I would rather go to the fuedal era in Inuyasha because I would be around all of my favorite anime characters ever. I want to be Kagome and be with Inuyasha because he is my #1 husband! They are my OTP!
Tag 6 people with a random question! @BFP1916 @Kamiamon @AkiraCondry @chandnip804 @sherrysahar @AimeeH If you got to switch bodies with any anime character who would it be and why? I would switch with Yoshioka Futuba from Ao Haru Ride because she's pretty, look at the guy she ends up with he's perfect and he's tall and I like tall guys because I'm short. He's even cuter when he gives that little smile like in the picture above!
ok. I got it
do I answer all the questions you did plus the one at the end?
Answer the 5 unusual random facts about yourself, most outrageous thing you've ever done, said, or worn, and answer the random question I have given thats at the bottom of the card. Don't answer the two random questions that I answered that say random question part 1 and 2.@Kamiamon