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Okay! So it is this time again for my weekly showcase!! I sat down and listened to many groups, but I decided to do one for the 9 member group AlphaBat. They are getting recognition this week from me. I really like the bad boy vibe I got from them. So I will introduce them to you. There are Nine members, and what I think is really cool, is that their stage names are those of the Greek alphabet. Bonus Points in my book!! I will Introduce them from the eldest to youngest.
Birth Name: Ji Ha Young Stage Name: B:eta Birthday: May 20, 1987 Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Height: 172 cm Hobbies: Watching movies & Exercising Specialty: Kendo & Performing Fun Fact: He's a former member of the group HITT.
Birth Name: Kim Sang Hun Stage Name: C:ode Birthday: July 5, 1988 Position: Vocalist Height: 170 cm Hobbies: Listening to music & Gaming Specialty: Dancing *He is really easy on the eyes*
Birth Name: Choi Yeon Soo Stage Name: D:elta Birthday: May 17, 1991 Position: Vocalist Height: 177 cm Hobbies: Playing the guitar Specialty: Singing & Exercising
Birth Name: Yoo Yeong Jin Stage Name: E:psilon Birthday: August 6, 1991 Position: Vocalist Height: 170 cm Hobbies: Listening to music Specialty: Exercising Fun Facts: He is Teen Top Ricky's older brother
Birth Name: Lee San Ha Stage Name: F:ie Birthday: October 10, 1991 Position: Rapper Height: 179 cm Hobbies: Playing the piano & Singing Specialty: Creating creative choreography
Birth Name: Kim Jun Su Stage Name: G:amma Birthday: February 9, 1993 *The dates don't match up. I got the BDAY from their profile.* Position: Vocalist Height: 183 cm Hobbies: Listening to music & Playing basketball Specialty: Playing the piano
Birth Name: Seol Jun Stage Name: H:eta Birthday: May 8, 1993 Position: Vocalist Height: 178 cm Hobbies: Listening to music & Watching movies Specialty: Singing & Exercising *One of my Favorites. His eyes are *swoon-worthy*
Birth Name: Shin Se Lin Stage Name: I:ota Birthday: June 5, 1994 Position: Rapper Height: 173 cm Hobbies: Listening to music & Playing Football Specialty: Writing lyrics *I love that he is his own person. His voice is mesmerizing, and he's cute. Definitely caught my eye first*
Birth Name: Kim Su Yeob Stage Name: J:eta Birthday: December 11, 1995 Position: Vocalist and Maknae Height: 181 cm Hobbies: Listening to music & Reading magazines Specialty: Singing, Rapping & Computer *Definitely is a little cutie. I just want hug him*
Tantara was the first video I watched. Now, I want to find a leather suit and a lighted night stick to do this choreography. Anyone want to join me? The tune is extremely catchy!! I think I made a tactical error. . . Like I don't know what swag is, but I am pretty sure F:ie & I:ota Excels the Swag in this video. Pretty sure I need to take notes to excel that amount of Swag. . .
I really have come to like this video, AB City, as well. If you are having a hard time trying to learn the members, or get confused, just look at their necklace. They are wearing their initial. Again, F:ie & I:ota are extremely swanky in this video. H:eta is just an all around cutie, I will go ahead and throw it out there.
A-Ya is what put the hook, line, and sinker. I think this video does fantastic on showcasing their beautiful voices and talents. They look really sweet in this video. This one is definitely one of my favorites. D:elta has a beautiful voice, & I:ota flows when he raps! *Swoon-Worthy*
So yes, this is AlphaBat, and I thought that they deserved recognition. They can definitely pull off the role as bad-boy, or sweet heart. After Thought, My biases are: *B:eta *F:ie *H:eta *I:ota Hope y'all enjoy this card! Goof-McCray is out!! ^~^
@Jiyongixoxo H:eta is my main bias from there. He's gorgeous. Yes they all will put you through hell trying to choose 1. It's close to impossible. I fell hard with Tantara I was like *oh shiz my soul is leaving my body! I feel it*
@Jiyongixoxo Mhm! the dates are contradiction but I got the bdays from their profile. Oh you will love F:ie and i:ota rap
Yeah..... I haven't even listened to the songs yet and already I feel my life drifting into the trash life😂 this whole group is beautiful but the rappers!😍😍😍 and especially I:ota I nearly died when I saw him and H:eta those eyes😍 ughh they are all too perfect
@DenieceSuit wow I liked that!
@DenieceSuit Oh let me look that up right fast, you have me intrigued.
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