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Cl's American cd is going to be fantastic. I absolutely can not wait to buy it and blast it all over the place in my car, it's going to be so awesome!!! I really hope she makes it big here in america too. Who else is really looking forward to September with me??? And how do you think she will do in america based on the dr pepper video/song and her over all talent???
@Marilovexoxo oh yea it's totally more thought out. here all they talk about is sex, killing, drugs, and bitches. it's quite obnoxious honestly.
@DeadlyCyanide I agree I use to listen to like rap here but honestly all rap in America is all the same and its just gone way down hill , when I started listening to kpop and other korean music the rap is so different and I feel like korean rap and music is way more thought out than American music so i know her album is gonna be amazing
@Marilovexoxo I feel the same way. I honestly feel like she's going to do great here too because she is such a breath of fresh air compared to the female rappers we do have. I mean I'm more of a kpop listener but I do hear my music here in america too. I never even liked pop or rap till I heard kpop. I'm so excited for her album!!!!
im excited and I loved the doctor pepper song I dont like many female rappers but Cl has a lot of talent so honestly i think she can make it big in the US because shes got a different vibe to her I guess you can say she has a dirty vibe lol but I think she can make it over here and im excited for other people to see what she has to offer