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How to play: -I will write a verse (piece of lyrics) of any K-Pop song **Note: they'll be Korean lyrics** -Your job is to guess the song (please also add name of the group since most groups have same titled songs) -I will reward 3 winners (RANDOMLY) with correct answers. -Rewards can be the following: MV, photo or Imagine requests. (You don't have to request for any if you wish and for those requesting for Imagine, note that it will take me a while to come up with ideas so you'll have to message me and flood with ideas, okay?) I'll start the game now, so ready, set, GO!
Romanization Nega biccnal ttae Sesangi biroso umjigyeo Sara umjigyeo Geu pureunbicci biccnal ttae Naega saraissdaneun geol neukkyeo naneun Gajang nadaun nae moseubiya Geurae nollaun gijeogiya neon Deo naeun nareul neon wonhanjeok eopseo Nan nega bichul ttae Ireohge bicci dwae Meon jeo taeyangdo eopseosseul ttae Geureohge eodumil ttae Modeun ge eopseosseul ttae First light bicci isseossdeoramyeon Da pureureun bicckkaril geoya Geurae teullimeopseul geoya Hangul 네가 빛날 때 세상이 비로소 움직여 살아 움직여 그 푸른빛이 빛날 때 내가 살아있다는 걸 느껴 나는 가장 나다운 내 모습이야 그래 놀라운 기적이야 넌 더 나은 나를 넌 원한적 없어 난 네가 비출 때 이렇게 빛이 돼 먼 저 태양도 없었을 때 그렇게 어둠일 때 모든 게 없었을 때 First light 빛이 있었더라면 다 푸르른 빛깔일 거야 그래 틀림없을 거야
Am i the only person that scans obly for english words. ANd can never tell what friggin song it is!!! Lol
@KpopGaby thank you 😃
please add Hangul win you do this Hangul is easier for me too
@VixenViVi No problem :) I forgot about putting hangul for some of you
@VixenViVi Just added the hangul for you
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