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HOW TO: Posting a Card on Vingle!

Hey guys^^

Some people have been asking about how to post a card on Vingle so I thought I'd make a little tutorial! You can also check out the OFFICIAL VINGLE TUTORIALS HERE cause I only know how to do web and Android! Below is the tutorial for android! Please message me if you have more questions, I want as many people sharing in the insanity that is Vingle as possible!


- Open Vingle's app on an android device! - On the home page (the first screen you see) there is a red circle with a pencil at the bottom right of the screen - click it!


- Add a title in the title bar! - If you want to add a photo, video, or link - click '+' sign by the purple alien (on my screen cap only, the aliens aren't on the actual app LOL) - If you want to add another block of text or more pictures below - click the '+' sign by the white alien!


You can add up to 10 pictures per block (so you can scroll side to side to see the pictures) and pretty much unlimited pictures if you add one per block (scrolling up and down to see the pictures) Just click the 'Photos' button and take a photo or upload your own!


- Click the 'videos' button and insert your link, then click 'Find' - Click on the video you wanted and press 'Add' Videos are the same as photos, you can add ten per block to scroll sideways OR one per block to scroll down :D


- Go back to the top and click 'Collections' and then tap the collection(s) you want your card to be clipped into! - Click 'Done' when you're done :D - Then click on 'Language' and decide what language it should be posted in (probably English!)


- Once your card is all ready to go, click 'DONE' at the top right - Now you get to choose where your card goes! If you see the community you want listed below, just click on it! - If it isn't there, you can type it in :D - When you're all set click 'PUBLISH' and you're DONE!


To edit your card on mobile, click the little screw symbol at the top right of the screen (by the yellow alien!)
Thank you for all your help!
@kpopandkimchi, you rock... thanks
@robertakm64 @RobertMarsh I updated the card to show you how to edit^^~
@kpopandkimchi I have one last question if u don't mind why does it say download vingle when I try to follow someone?