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Momma Monster has something brewing up her sleeve.

Lady Gaga, the most envelope pushing pop star of our generation is ready to shock the world in the upcoming season of American Horror Story Hotel. This season is anticipated to be packed with many A-list celebrities such as Darren Chris, Naomi Campbell, Matt Bomer, and Emma Roberts. I'm sure we'll see plenty of bizarre killings, extreme gore, and a type of serial killer we could have never been able to imagine. After last season's clown killer, many fans were scared to death to tune back in saying that the clown was the scariest character to ever grace the show. Even the National Clown Association in the United States was furious with the clown's representation during the season. With a hotel though, the killer will have to be more normal and contain a realistic human element to it. This season seems to be leaving out fantasy and sci-fi elements.

No party is complete without a blood bath.

Literally. Lady Gaga made sure her pool was died red in the spirits of the festivities. She had crying wax cultures, lots and lots of roses, and sparkly decor to match. On the Instagram picture of her bloody pool, she captioned a sly message of, "At my parties, killer friends have more fun, when no evidence is left behind." It was a hint because every other cast member who attended did not post any picture of the event on social media. Gaga really guaranteed a private and mysterious event however executive producer Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson chimed in talking about the evening saying it was all a DREAM.
All of the captions, decor, and tweets could be hints at the upcoming season.
Check out this sneak peak of AHS introducing Lady Gaga to the cast!

Will you be tuning in?

Love Sarah Paulson. she's my favorite
I think you mean " will you be checking in?".
Evan Peters (๑♡∀♡๑)
i like the first season and the freak show season more. lets see how good this one will be this week