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Found this cute honeycomb wall treatment from Vintage Revivals and was literally OMG WOW!!!!! This one will require some machinery to do, but don't let that sway you from this. Perhaps a friend or a relative has a jig that you can use or maybe they will cut the wood for you. :)

Supplies Needed:

37-40 pieces of 10' x 1" x 2"
Paint (if you're painting these)
Electric sander (if you're painting these)
Miter saw
Nail gun
Painter's tape
Start by painting the wood before you cut it. Sand out any paint that you don't want.
Now before you make any more cuts you are going to set up a jig. A jig is basically a way to precisely cut each piece the exact same way. To make this jig mount the saw onto a piece of MDF (you probably wont need to do this if you have a saw table!) Then rotate the piece that was just cut so that the longest side was against the saw and measure how long it needs to be from long point to long point.
Now you are really ready to cut. Keep your saw set at the 30 degree angle and rotate your piece of wood, its much faster!
Each piece that you cut should look like this, with a long side and a short side.
This is the part where you are going to become a master cutter. Make this cut over and over and over again.
Now place a piece end to end with your guide.
Done? Good. Now its time to set up a second jig to finish off our piece.
Rotate your saw to the 30 degree angle to the RIGHT of center. Use the clamp on your saw and secure one of your pieces on the LEFT side of the saw blade. You should have your long corner in the path of the blade.
When you cut it you will end up with this (I pulled the scrap triangles out of the way so you could see the angles)
This is where each saw is different and you need to adjust your jig according to your blade width to get a perfect point.
Then you are going to line up your pieces to be cut with your jig, making sure the long angle is through the cutting path.
Do this over and over till it almost kills you. Making sure every 20 or so cuts that your jig hasn’t jogged.
Now is the REALLY fun part. Mounting them to the wall. You will absolutely need a nail gun for this part.
Best to do this project starting from the ceiling.
To do this you will need a trusty roll of painters tape and a level.
Start by taping a few pieces up on the wall (make sure that they are level vertically and level horizontally with the pieces around them. The reason we are taping and not nailing is because when one angle is off, it throws off the entire hexagon. If we tape them in place then we can adjust the angles to make sure they are right before we are totally committed to that spot
Once your hexagon is fantastically fantastic use your nail gun to secure the wood to your wall. Use one nail in the center of each piece.
Then using your painters tape build off from there (making sure that everything is level!) You can also use a laser level to line up your horizontal hexes if you are smart like that.
And then you just go.
This project is time consuming but its not hard, its just a lot of repetition.
When you are done it is totally worth it.
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