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Congratulations Big Bang and VIPs for 9 years of great success!! ♡
I love all songs from "La-La-La" to "Zutter" from BIG BANG! Honestly, they are all amazing in my opinion!
No I have not been their fan for 9 years now but I regret not being lol But the person and song that got me into BIG BANG and into K-Pop overall was in 2009 with Taeyang's first single album "Wedding Dress". I would even set it as my alarm tone!! lol At that time I had no clue what kpop was and it's funny how one song or group can pull you in to liking Korean Pop/ Rap!
& since then I have been slowly getting more and more addicted to this K-pop community! ♡♡♡♡♡

♢ Feel free to comment about who and how you started getting into kpop or BIG BANG, I want to hear your crazy stories! (:

aaaah!! I love kdramas!! Great way to get into kpop and BIG BANG! btw actually I started getting more into kpop and Korean culture after getting sucked into Kdramas in 2013!! :D @krazylilmeow
got sucked into kdrama (BOF) googled SS501 and was suggested Big Bang. fell in love with seaweed hair and here I am :3
@annahizaragoza right?! just downward spiral from there! I just wish DramaFever would work on my tv
@amandamuska Good Job!! :) Fantastic Baby is a very well known song and a good song!
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