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Ok. Sooooo, I'm so glad I finally got to watch this MV. It was....amazing!
Holy crap Ravi!
Fangirl squeals!
😲 and with this I was dead. I mean, do you see Ravi's face in this one?
And oh my gosh, their duet moments? I've never heard VIXX so perfectly in harmony! Leo's vocals made me melt.
SO. MANY. FEELS!!!! I'd totally ship this! LR!!! Woot woot!!
Yah. I pretty much died watching the MV. The harmonizing, Leo's vocals, Leo's angsty face, Ravi looking bad ass ugh the FEELS. This is the card I made right after I finished watching it....for like the 10th time lol
this was probably my second vixx video ever and it was amazing definitely gained a new fan because the video was soo powerful and just amazing and the vocals were beautiful
I literally couldn't control my feels OMG >_<