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Love everyone

This is the one thing that i have learnt from my experience that we should love everyone. Never feel any kind of bad feeling for anyone. I know it is sometimes very hard to forgive someone and still think positive about him. May be that person doesn't deserve respect, kindness and friendship but forgive him. Make your heart big and forget everyone for everything. You know at one point of time we ownself don't give that importance to those grudges or bad past incidence. I have a personal experience of this. I had a fight with one of my friend on some issue. We didn't talk with each others for 4 years. We didn't use to look at each others face. One day he made a call to me and asked me how are you? I simply replied i am fine and we started talking with each other again. By forgiving others and be kind with them you can feel that satisfaction for you. No one is bad in this world it is just one of their personality that came out in that situation. Do good with everyone and you will see the changes :)
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