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Step Aside Bruno Mars, these fellas got you beat.

One groom went above and beyond the call of duty to impress his bride on their July 25th wedding day. Kirk and Valerie Henning will remember this moment forever. To set the festivities on a high note, the groom and his groomsmen did a dance routine to recent pop hits and nailed it. Not only was his bride ecstatic but the rest of the internet was too, going viral almost instantly. The video currently sits at almost 1.2 million views and is being featured on the top news networks across the country.
“We had it at CenterStage, which was a fun, different venue,” Kirk, 34, explained to ABC News. “We had dinner on the stage and then we did the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance and everyone was eating and visiting. We all moved out to the lobby for cake cutting and toasts, and once we came back out the band was set up and that’s when the surprise happened.”
Both the bride and groom are professional dancers at the Richmond Ballet in Virginia. They have shared the stage together before which was also a reason for selecting this location for them to celebrate in. Kirk's groomsmen blew away everyone's expectations. Four of the groomsmen were professional dancers and the other four were definitely not but everyone tried their best and the result was fantastic! Valerie has been dropping hints for months that she really wanted a special dance at her wedding and that's just what she got.
“When we first got engaged, she was like, ‘You could do a groomsmen dance for me,’ and I didn’t even know what that was,” he explained. “She showed me a few online and I was like, ‘No way, I’m too busy.’”
Kirk said that the guys have been practicing since March learning steps from Vimeo videos. He was mostly concerned that they guys were continuing to practice, " I was just hoping they were actually checking their emails."



What did you think of the dance routine?
wait i give so much credit to the 4 groomsmen who weren't professional dancers THEY KILLED IT
The bride must be having the time of her life! Her expressions are priceless!
can't stop smiling. I think the groom & his groomsman performing a dance routine at a wedding reception is becoming the norm. I love it :)
wowowowowow that was a lot of fun!! where did you find this?
Soooo amazing, I almost cried.... BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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