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Hi! My name is Roberta. I am an American who has fallen in love with the Korean culture and KPop when my daughter and I discovered Beast almost 5 years ago. We also were invited to start going to Korean language classes at the Korean New Life Methodist church in Colorado Springs about 4 years ago. I am recently divorced, so at the time I had been doing a lot of soul searching and realized I have a passion for the Korean people. I hope this doesn't sound weird - but I wanted to be submerged into this culture - like a "Dances with Wolves" kind of thing. It was also when I realized I found my calling. I am going back to school to become a teacher, in fact I am 7 credits shy of my Associates degree. My goal is to pursue my Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on TESL (become an English as a second language teacher) and I would dearly love to live and work doing just that in South Korea.
My main bias is Beast. I absolutely adore them. My daughter and I discovered them late 2010 - like in August of that year and we were lamenting that it would take us a long time to see them live because of the fact they didn't seem to venture outside of Korea much. Then we found information that they were going to be involved with KPop Masters and were going to be in concert at the MGM in Las Vegas in Nov 2011! Then we discovered that free tickets were being given away!! So I was sent to Las Vegas for the purpose of securing our tickets. Which were worked out perfectly and we were able to be at that amazing concert. Along with Beast we got to see: TVXQ, MBLAQ, Sistar, 4 Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, G-Na, Shiney and were there for both nights - it was superb. We had the best time and as far as K-Pop was concerned we were hooked for life. We had the blessing of getting to see the Google concert in Mountainview, CA in 2012 featuring Beast, Super Junior, MBLAQ, 4Minute, Girls Generation, and Kara. Then my daughter and I got to take a trip to see Beast in Fukuoka, Japan, Dec. 2014! And also got to see CUBE cafe in Seoul, Korea. We had a blast!
My next bias is Super Junior
So I hope my first attempt at putting together an introduction card was something that will be pleasing. Thank you for accepting me into the Vingle family. Please tell me how I can improve my card making ability. Thank you for letting me share a bit of myself with you all.
@B2STANG88 I just wanted to introduce myself ...
@robertakm64 welcome!! This is so awesome another B2ST fan. Woohoo~
WELL WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF OMMAS THAT HAVE TRIPPED OVER HANDSOME FUTURE SON N LAW FACES AND HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES TOTALLY WRECKED BY THEIR CHILDRENS "accidental" encounter with "up beat music!" Or at least tht is how i have crashed and burned into the genre! Will i change it? Mmmm NO!!! I love kpop! And CONGRATS TO YOU ON GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Way to go!!! And i agree i have always been facinates with the culture and the people! And that is not to say... OMG THEY ARE "PD DROPPING HOT!" OK ENOUGH OF THAT!!! WE ARE PLANNING A MINI VACA TO SEOUL KOREA AND IT MAY BE POSSIBLY A 6-18 mnth stay! If you can call that a mini vaca! But it should be fun!!! YEAHHHH AND I AM SOOO WITH YOU!!! #HOOKEDTOKPOP #OMMALUV #FAMILY #FIGHTING!!!
Welcome!! Hope you like it here :)
Welcome welcome welcome to out Vingle K-pop Family! :) *hugs*
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