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If you love Pimms, (and I hope you do...), then you are going to love this Paula DeLuc recipe for your wedding reception. Did you see the recipe graphic I posted three months ago? Click here to see it again!
One of the most neglected things at weddings is AWESOME VIGNETTE wedding photography. Josh Gruetzmacher photographed these images here and knows how to capture magnificence in objects at social gatherings. Make sure your photographer knows how to do this too! Don't be afraid to have a separate photographer for this and this only!

Tazza Di Pimms

• highball glass filled with cubed ice
• 1/4 oz. bar syrup
• 5 thin cucumber wheels (muddle)
• 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
• 1/2 oz. gin
• 1/4 oz. amaro
• 1 oz. Pimms Liqueur
• splash of ginger beer
Muddle five thin cucumber wheels, add syrup, liquor and lemon juice, shake & strain, top with ginger beer and garnish with 4 beet stained cucumber wheels and two bay leaf ears.
If you're looking for a great way to toast your wedding, but with something more than just average wine, click here to see what @allischaaff wants you to do for your wedding. Trust me, you want to do this--totally marshalledgar-approved!
i'm sure you will find time to do it :)
@rodiziketan I was too busy yesterday to hit the liquor store to do my homework. sorry
Pins is very popular in England, from what I've heard
I'll check it out. :)
ok, this sounds sooo good. If I ever get Pimms liqueur, I am totally making this one. Thanks.