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My mom and dad better own up to the fact that their parents also made them like this and in turn made me like this. Should I just blame all my ancestors? I should stop this chain of blaming and enroll my future children in Korean language/culture classes. *Though I am sure my future Korean husband will teach them. LOL ♡♡♡
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my parents must have hated me.... ;A;
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In the words of a spanish character.... "ESO ESO ESO!!!" And you know as a parent myself... I BLAME MYSELF FOR NOT OPENING MY KIDS UP TO A LANGUAGE AND CULTURE I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED! I guess i wanted it all to myself... So i got them some Korean workbooks and study guides! And in the past few months... I have 1: that can write it and 2: can read it. And 3: can speak, read, & write. And she is only 3! Yup!!! Opening doors!!!! If its a tough door to open throw some butter on the hinges and shove that puppy open!!! #FIGHTING!!!
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@dreemer13 you are the coolest parent ever....
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