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You've seen it in the movies and on television. Now it's time for you to bring elegance and drama to your own nuptials through the dazzling champagne tower! As featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, it turns out that bringing the idea to life is A LOT EASIER THAN YOU THINK!
For this to work SUCCESSFULLY, and by that, I mean without chaos, drama and oops, you need to MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RIGHT GLASSWARE. Never use flutes. Use wide mouth coup style glasses. And while you can find these dirt cheap at party stores, they're most likely made of plastic, which could spell disaster down the line. You need to use real glass or sturdy acrylic--not 99-cent store plastic.
1. Set up a spill tray on a low flat level sturdy table. (Coffee table height is best)
2. Begin to set up your glasses in a hexagon pattern as shown above.
3. Continue stacking the glasses in such a way that every stem is resting on three glasses below.
4. Finish your tower and say a prayer (that it doesn't collapse and shatter!).
5. Pay to have the champagne poured correctly (by someone who is sober and not clumsy)
6. Tip them handsomely before and after the pour!
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