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I was tagged by @BangtansArmy @DenieceSuit @biancadanica98 @VeronicaArtino @aaxbo to participate, so here is my card.
Here is @bianicadanica98 Question:
If you got to switch bodies with any anime character who would it be and why?
I think I would really love to switch bodies with L from Death Note. He is uber smart and just a pure genius. Yes, I realize he dies, so pre-death "L"
@BangtansArmy Question:
What made you get into Kpop?
Uhm, I just kinda stumbled into it on YouTube a few years back. My first video was BigBang Fantastic Baby, then I went into a spiral turn in the never ending realm. ^~^
@DenieceSuit Question:
What is your go to food when you can't make up your mind on what you want to eat?
My homemade Cajun Jambalaya. My grandmother was from Louisiana, so she taught me how to make it a long time ago. I forgot how for the longest time, and spent years perfecting it. Now I have perfected it.
@VeronicaArtino Question:
What song or songs is on the top of my playlists that gets played the most.
ZhouMi- Rewind, Daesung-Baby Don't Cry, EXO-Playboy, Beautiful, Beast- GoodLuck, Jay Park ft Simon D.- Metronome, Uniq-EOEO, Infinite-Back, and Vixx-Error.
@aabxo Question:
Q // What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
The same prom I fell down the stairs from: I was dating this guy at the time, When he showed up to my house, he already had another date planned. . . he decided to tell everyone at our school that he decided to take me as well because he pitied me for being so ugly that no one wanted to be my date. Yeah let's just say that that was hands down the most embarrassing thing to happen. Like the movie never been kissed, well I experienced that to the full force...
1) . Tell 5 random facts about you that's not listed in your bio.
- I'm near sided, but I cannot tell C's from O's, n's from m's, I's from L's without my glasses.
- I have a slight speech impediment
- I can't swim
- I'm allergic to wasps, hornets, & bees
- I have a freckle in my eye. My ophthalmologist determined this a few years ago, she said it was rare, but it could happen.
2. The most outrageous thing you've ever done, worn, or said?
I cannot think of the most outrageous thing, but I'll make up for it by revealing the 2 most embarrassing things that have ever happened to me:
A) At my Junior Prom, I tripped and fell down two flights of stairs. Let's just say I don't wear heels well...
B) During my highschool graduation, I tripped and fell on stage walking to get my diploma. Again, I was in heels and I am not graceful in heels.
Now I have to tag 6 people and ask a random question:
What is your Guilty pleasure after a long stressful day?
Mine is Chocolate Chip cookie dough, Brownies, and music.
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Oh no don't feel bad at all @aabxo! Thank you dear. I overcame it, rechecked my priorities and learned from the situation. It could've happened to anyone. I was a tomboy in highschool, so i got a lot of slack. After I graduated I started wearing more feminine clothing makeup etc. Karma handled it. I made him eat his words. Everyone who ever knew us reminded him how stupid he was. He may have won the battle, but I won the war! It's something I laugh at now, because it was legit like that movie.
@AimeeH Damn girl! Get it (; Proud of you. I was a tomboy toooo! Ahaha. Freshmen yr i even wore my brothers hoodies. Funny thing is I always wore really feminine shirts underneath lmao
@aaxbo haha thank you dear! Yes. I always loved wearing baggy clothing and guys clothes. it was just so much more comfortable!
@AimeeH my guilty pleasure is a twix...lol and I love your songs on your playlists
@VeronicaArtino oh those are so delicious. Thank you dear!