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I was on Facebook and found out some news about Big Bang. Most VIPs might already know. Long story short....Big Bang is pushing back their album release date. They basically need some time to recover from their intense touring. I'm so happy, because us VIPS have been asking the kings to take care of their health. We can tell based upon photos and their short videos that they need to rest up. But all is not lost VIPS!! They will be able to rest and they plan on making more music for us to listen too! Below I have some screens shoots of parts of the article.
This was presented by the YG family. I did not write this article.
Basically, they asked for us fans...VIPs to understand and not be upset! They are exhausted from all their hard work. Which is understandable. I mean have you seen their concerts? Plus they put hard work into delivering awesome music and m/v's this entire summer!
This just recaps on what they have been doing this summer.
I can't wait to watch this. GD and Youngbae are so funny. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE SET BACK?
Overall, I'm not even mad. Like I said they need a break. They have proven that they love putting out music for us VIPS and they love connecting with us through their art. Even though we see them as immortal or indestructible they are still humans at the end of the day. They have families and get tired just like us. SO REST UP WELL GD, YOUNGBAE, T.O.P, DAESUNG AND SEUNGRI!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!
If you care. You are alright in my book! Thanks for the share though.
thanks for you comment @dreemer13....I couldn't imagine anyone being upset. not a true vip
AGREED!!!! Its hard work doing what they do! And I wish for nothing else but for their health and happiness! Real people! Real Hearts! Real Love! #VIPFORLIFE!!!
@dreemer13 are most welcome