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There's this ongoing struggle to decorate for outdoor weddings. It's this idea that it should look gloriously natural with vinery, bushes, roses and the like versus going architectural with poms, orchids and non-organic looking structures. But what if there was a happy medium? There's got to be a better way, right? OF COURSE!
As you can see in the photo above, the designer behind this look, Calder Clark, decidedly paired clean lines of the green lawn with a sturdy wooden table and voluminous glass casks in a myriad of sheer colors. Smartly, the flower of choice for most of this was the VERY FLEXIBLE tulip. These are great for creating fan effects with florals without a lot of trickery and snapped flowers.
Utterly gorgeous and beautiful. Simple and elegant too. A bit unexpected, but certainly appropriate and memorable! Don't be afraid to listen to the ideas of your design team, even if it's not setting your heart on fire. They are professionals and I promise you, are looking to do their best to make your big day the best ever!
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