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Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a cocktail is to do so in just the right location. In the case of the Rosemary Lemonade, the cocktail creator, Austin Hope, only got it half right. Sure, lemonade is "the perfect patio drink; it's even better when it's boozy." However, he failed to mention Palm Springs, which is notoriously hotter than 20 hells in August, yet decidedly chic with it's mid-century lines and stone-white homes.
For most, this might be a luxury, but if you can, play the slots at Aqua Caliente, cast your eyes on "Nines and Elevens" by James Jared Taylor III and find a cozy chaise by the pool at the very private (five-star) Avalon. Most importantly, however, don't forget to order a Rosemary Lemonade.
Or make it yourself!

Rosemary Lemonade

1 oz. rye whiskey
1 tsp. honey-rosemary simple syrup
¼ cup lemonade
¼ cup club soda
Tools: barspoon
Glass: rocks or collins
Garnish: 1 sprig rosemary and fresh lemon slices
Add the whiskey to an ice-filled glass. Top with lemonade, soda water and syrup and stir to combine. Garnish.
If you're in the Santa Monica area and have boozy cravings into the wee hours, click here for a do-it-yourself (and messy) French 75!