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I was tagged by @LaurenAntoine to do this ....and it's welcomed. I usually procrastinate but this seemed easy enough (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) Okay....five random facts about myself.
I. I'm composing this with my slugbug asleep in my arms. She learned to walk today....she took 5 steps (இ﹏இ`。) and I'm feeling that I need to hold her as often as possible from now on.
II. I have a phobia of birds. I can't help it....they scare the sh*t outta me. Even if I look like I'm okay when I see them flying overhead..... my heart is usually beating up my rib cage screaming RUUUUUN MOFO YOU GONN' DIE.
III. I still have my wisdom teeth.
IV. I have panic attacks....and they blow.
V. I sing directions to my lil ones randomly throughout the day....usually opera style. ♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪TOMMEE DAWN ITS TIME FOR LUUUUNCH.... ARE YOU READY TO EEEEAT???? Then she'll sing back MOOOM WHATS FOR LUUNCH??♪ (^O^)♪ Then I'll hit the highest note I can.... MACARONI AND CHEEEEESE!!!! ♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪
WHAT IS THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS THING I'VE DONE, SAID, OR WORN? Ohhhhhh Lord......I say a lot of outrageous things because I tend to just blurt stuff out....hmmmm.....okay here's one. Two Halloweens ago....I cussed out my niece's preschool teacher in my Harley Quinn inspired costume. The kids go trick or treating for a couple hours at the businesses around town and people usually take their lil ones that aren't school age yet around with the preschoolers. So I dressed up and took my lil frog....and stopped by my niece's classroom just to say hi....and ended up having to bring up a problem my niece was having with another child. The teacher played dumb....and said in short my niece was lying. And mind you.....my temper....it gets the best of me. Sewwww......I ended up towering over her (I'm 5'11...and I was wearing boots so 6'2 ish? The teacher was 5'5 maybe) telling her to keep this other child the hell away from my niece.....dressed as Harley Quinn.... not my finest moment. SMH....
Random question courtesy of @LaurenAntoine What is one thing that motivated you from when you we're young into the person you are today? I've always had this mentality that "I'm special....there is only one me" from when I was SUPER young like maybe 2 or 3 years old. I dunno where it came from tho. Growing up my mother just wanted a "normal" child. She was embarrassed of me because I was silly (ohhh the things I used to say and do), soft (I'd cry when my feelings got hurt....and I was extremely empathetic), and had light skin and freckles (we have Irish in our blood line somewhere wayyyy back on my father's side and I was the lucky one to get light skin n freckles) and was a big chunk (my dads brother was 6'8 and his cousins are around 6'4 and my grandpa Dennis was 6'6 and they were BIG so I got lucky and drew the BIG card too)....lol. She was shy....and young. I understand that....but I tried to please her by trying to be invisible to the point that I wouldn't talk at all....I was soooooo shy and kind of ashamed of myself. Kids at school thought I was mute (´ヮ`) they didn't tease me or anything. They actually would try to get closer to me because I was interesting I guess but I was just never one to get close to people. I'm not surprisingly special or outrageously unique. I'm just a lil different. I kinda run on a separate wavelength and that's okay. Im confident now that I'm physically an adult (´ヮ`). Its motivated me to remind my babygirls everyday that they're special and beautiful in every way so they'll love themselves the way I love them. I try to be there for them in the ways that I wish my ma was there for me when I was growing up. I dont want them to feel alone like I did. And I don't kill their vibe....my frog is a character and I try to let her be her. *shudders* I dunno if I was supposed to get this personal but whatevs lol. oh and BTW the video is Love Yourself by Crucial Star....I'm listening to it as I'm finishing this up. TAG 6 PEOPLE @aabxo @poojas @MattK95 @FrankilliMambo @danidee @ErinGregory My question for y'all is:
What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) jk idk if you'll get the reference but I thought it was FUNNAYYY..... But real talk..... What would be your happy thought to help you fly to Neverland? @aabxo (‾︶‾) take this anywhere you wanna boo..... @FrankilliMambo....GIFs lots of them lol.
(*^▽^*)you're too damn koooo! xD unladen swallow I died....dying...shit...now I have to do it. o(╥﹏╥)o
HAHAHA I bet tha would!! And yay! I loved choir nerds! They made good friends! I knew I liked you hehehe (> w <)/
@FrankilliMambo (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I cracked myself up too.....I'm retarded lol
This was awesome
Thanks for the tag homie! I will try to get to this sometime..soon..hehehe
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