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so I was tagged by awesome ladies @amazingangelini and @SharayahTodd for tagging me...
first up five interesting facts about myself 1) I suffer from manic depression but don't take any medications because it makes it worse but instead draw, and write poetry instead 2) horror movies are my favorite genre of movies 3) the best sound in the world to me is my son's laugh 4) favorite number is 13 and favorite day ever is Friday the 13th 5) my dream is to be truely happy
Most outrageous thing I have ever done is become a mom at 20 while going to school full time and working two jobs. being a mom is outrageous because it's a big responsiblity, you experience a love so pure, frustrations, and happiness. The number one thing that makes it outrageous is I am responsible for shaping another human being...
Next question was what is my kpop security blanket. my answer would have to be Big Bang's BLue, Loser, and Monster. These songs just touch my soul and make me feel not alone...and helps me get my emotions out better on paper
The last question I was asked...If I could do anything with my bias what would it be? My answer if I got to do anything with GDRAGON I would want to write lyrics and poetry with him...i know it's such a simple thing and I bet most people would answer differently I mean I know I'm not normal. lol
You 6 people are also a special kind of twisted. here are my six random tags @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @shannonl5 @karinafarias @biancadanica98 My random question to you all: What song or songs is on the top of your playlists that gets played the most? my answer is Zutter and bang bang bang from Big Bang tied with Locked away by R. City featuring Adam Levine.
@RobertMarsh thank you
you go girl! 힘내요!
I do have kakao. thanks
if y'all have kakao send me a private message and I'll link up with ya on there and share some of the great music I discovered during my 18 months in Korea
@VeronicaArtino, you're welcome... oh and "힘내요" (him-nay-yo) means cheer up...just in case you didn't know :-D
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