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Tagged by @PassTheSuga. I've been neglecting challenges lately so why not XD
+ Five Random Facts
1. I can't take compliments. Woops. Sure, online is one thing but bump into me in person and I just shoot myself down. Lmao
2. I develop an accent when I'm nervous. I can speak perfect English but make me do a presentation in from of my peers and I swear I'll make it seem like I'm still learning the language.
3. I like do a lot of art related things. I like to do nail art, photo manipulations, make jewelry, draw, etc. Although I'm terrible at finishing drawings! Bad habit. Hoping to finish my GD portrait though
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
4. I have a pretty awesome sense of humor. Amiright @PassTheSuga ?
5. I am really bad at making friends. It kind of takes it out of me to be social. You know how after you're done hosting a party and everyone has left and you just take in this deep breath and relax? Yeah. That's what it feels like LMAO
Q // What is the most outrageous thing I've ever done, said, or worn?
I got into a fight with a girl who bumped into me. Lol I guess I just lost it. She kept pushing my buttons with little sh*t and one morning she bumped into me and I just exploded. My friends have not let it go and remind me every chance they get.
Q // What would be your happy thought to help you fly to Neverland?
I'd probably refer to my childhood of when I went to the zoo with my parents and brother. I was really happy. Some time later my parents separated in the worst way and it kind of got to me. So I was a really messed up kid. Bittersweet happy thought? Ahaha
Q // What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
@PassTheSuga I'd like to know your answer as well (;
I had a card made up already, so I just added your question anf tagged you! thank you for tagging me! ^~^
I am still contemplating how to do this challenge lol. XD
I'm gonna do this after I get out of my classes today.. I need to think what I'm gonna put. xD
@poojas @StephanieDuong Looking forwards to your posts guys! ;D