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“Takako Aomunasan, BL mangaka o kossori mezasu” (Takako Aomuna san is secretly aiming to be BL manga author), a new essay manga* written and illustrated by Takako Aomuna, best known for her “Mama loves the Poyopoyo-Saurus” has been released by East Press Publisher. Through this manga, Takako Aomuna who is famous for drawing shojo manga and manga about childcare, confessed her love for boylove manga. With the support from her own editor, Takako Aomuna is finally deciced to fulfill her long-awaited dream. “Takako Aomunasan, BL mangaka o kossori mezasu” tells us how she learned to be an bl author, how she hide her penname and brought the draft to publisher .etc… The essay manga has also revealed the finished draft of her first BL manga called “GOLD”. *Essay Manga is basically non-fiction manga, where the writer/artist writes and draws about his/her own life. *well, another fujoshi is coming out :D
Can't find her page on BU...I really want to check out her work ~ I'd love to see YOSHIHARA Yuki sensei (Chou yo Hana yo) drawing BL too. So bad she never will ;_______;
hahaha, when you mentioned chou yo hana yo, i thought you was talking about chou yo hana yo by wanataba asia LOL
@meodien1812 haha i would love to see her draw something different as well!!
@tapnhan my friends said the same thing, haha :)))) @pnhq Yoshihara-sensei draws really cool male characters, so I think i'd be great if she drawn BL :)