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You may already heard of this trick before but here's a tip to get the most natural and super long ponytail WITHOUT extensions.
La Petite Noob showed an amazing example:
Here's the trick. First, you have to separate your hair into two section. Notice how she put the top section into a messy bun. This little trick adds a little volume to the crown part.
Now, grab the lower section and pull it into a ponytail. The lower you position it the longer it will look, but keep in mind to not make your ponytail look droopy. From my experience, the perfect position is when it align with your ears.
Okay, here's the last part. Release the top section and pull it into a high half up ponytail. Then, back come the ponytail to hide the lower ponytail.
I use to do that years ago.
the top section bun tip is so useful!! thank you for this easy but super useful tip!