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A bit late, I know. I've been sick and really didn't feel like posting. I couldn't resist this one, @poojas. Upload by YouTuber Канал на J0anNE91.
@DanRodriguez Ahhh, that's the worst. It's not only tiring but also annoying. Get well soon, friend ^^
Thank you so much for sharing this (and thank you @poojas for tagging me!!) I really like it a lot. It really captures the tone of the movie. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well! We'll always be here when you're back! @ButterflyBlu I know you like GitS, did you see this?
No worries at all. Thank you so much for doing the challenge. Great AMV! Hope you are feeling better! @shannonl5 check this outttt!
I hope you're feeling better, @DanRodriguez. It really sucks to be sick. Get better. I demand it. :P Thanks for the tag, @shannonl5! You're awesome. This video was just perfect. The music catches the feeling of GitS right on point. It was really well made, too. Very, very cool.
@DanRodriguez oh no! It's the worst being sick in the summertime too. I used to chew on mint leaves and take a hot bath to try and relieve it
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