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first up is Hyun Bin...

Born 9/25/82 and is 6'0. I fell in love with him in 2005 when I watched My lovely Sam Soon. I Believe this was one of my first kdramas. I fell even harder for him in Secret Garden with his quirky ego centric character. He is very talented and gorgeous and around my age so I don't feel guilty liking him. Other shows and movies he has starred in are: Hyde, Jekyll, Me(haven't seen this one yet but it's on my list) The Fatal Encounter Late Autumn The Snow Queen A millionaire's first love Spin kick Ireland and The World that They Live in

Kim Hyun Joong...

Born 6/6/86 and is 6'0.... yes I first fell for him listening to kpop and his band SS501 but it was his acting skills that ensnared my heart in Boys over flowers. I next watched him in Playful Kiss where he did 180 and showed me how versatile he was as an actor. I watched him in Barefoot friends where I was entertained thoroughly. Other works he is in and that I have added to my list are: City Conquest, and Can Love be Refilled. I'm looking forward to INSPIRING GENERATION.

Lee Minho...

Born 6/22/87 and is 6'2. My first Minho drama was Boys Over Flowers and he was not my fav. But when I saw him in Personal Taste that I fell hard for him with his he portrayed the ambitious architect. Then in City Hunter I got to see his badass moves and nerdy persona that drove my heart crazy. Then he went to a sweet and playful character in Heirs. He shows such a great range in his acting abilities that I can't help but adore him. Other works: Gangham Blues, Faith, I am Sam, and Get Up

Jung Il Woo...

Born 9/9/1987 and is 6'0 first fell for him in Unstoppable High Kick and Flower Boy Ramen shop. thoroughly enjoyed his portrayals of his characters and was even more impressed with him in The Return of Iljimae. Other works: Man Embracing the Sun, My Fair Lady, 49 days and The Watchman's Journal
This is part one and parts two and three will be released tomorrow and later this week... Thanks for reading
Credits to all people who did these photos and gifs and putting them on Google and giphy so I can find and utilize them.. C;
Yes I can hehe @veronicaartino my all time fav Kdrama is secret garden loved Hyun bin in tht💕💕💕
Me too as you can tell @kpopis4life .
Luv Hyun Bin & Lee Min Ho😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️