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i see people every day goin insane over every little thing they see there bias do but in real life there just people just like me and u . i mean yes . i may fan girl a little some times . but hey im a girl . we do things like that. but at the same time . i grow up meeting people all the time. living in Louisiana i have met the whole saints team i have met the whole hornets team . i have even met mistical. for those of u who dont know who that is he is a rapper . i have all so met singers like fantasia and Jordan sparks . but my thing is they may live a different life then me but we all bleed red . we all breath air . we all dreams and things we want to do . but my point is we r all just people.
Exactly! No matter what we do, we're all humans.
amen . i mean we all have troubles in r lives . we have good days and bad days. it makes no since for us to look down upon them for something they do when u do it to