Imagine walking into a host club and seeing these handsome men there waiting for you. "Welcome my princess, come here and sit next to us." you'll just go "kyaaahhh" and pass out from their hotness.
Minho "Hey beautiful take my hand and I'll take you in an adventure you will remember for life" Taemin, "Hey I know you want me, I can be your ace. I know I'm dangerous but for you I'll do anything for you." Jonghyun, " Hey girl I know you want a little kiss from me"
Onew, "I know I'm your favorite leader but I don't mind letting you lead me tonight" Key *whistle*, "My eyes were looking for you and I found you. I know you want to embrace me to tonight, your eyes show no lie" Everyone, "So my darling who do you choose to be your night and shining armor" your heart is going pit-a-pat, "ummm....."
They wait for you to choose but your heart can't take all their handsome faces and sexy aura. you close your eyes and stand your arm and choose...... (make your choice)
Jonghyun's was my favorite bc his face was perfect for his line xD but Onew is my bias & his line just gave me the feels!!
Can't I choose them all!?!
Aahh!! Tae-Taem-Taemin... But.... Jonghyun..................
@deilig I cane up with that one XD. my friends did the rest.
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