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The half-up half down, the "hun" hairstyle or princess inspired hair is currently trending across social media. This hairstyle has been around for a long time but I guess a flock of ladies are wearing and posting their selfies on social media around the same time makes this a "trend." The feminine and romantic look has been seen on several celebrities and of course at least one Jenner needs to be on the list.
If you're looking for unconventional way to rock the half up half down style, here are some ideas.

Half Up Bouffant

1. Tease the crown and pull hair back into half up bouffant.
2. Bobby pin the hairstyle in place.

Pin Up Hairstyle for Lobs

For those of you with straight and short hair, this hairstyle adds a little dimensions to your crown area.
1. Tie your hair in half and secure with a hair elastic.
2. Grab a small section from the left and secure over the ponytail with bobby pin. Do the same to the right side.
3. Continue until the hair elastic is covered.

Geometric Half Up

1. Take a small section from the left and pin it to place diagonally.
2. Repeat on the right side.
3. Finally, secure the two strands by pinning horizontally.

Three Tiered Braids

1. Grab a sections from both the left and right side and form a 3-strand brand.
2. Combine the two braids with a hair elastic.
3. Repeat until you have three tiered braids.
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I LOVE the pin up for lobs!! Simple but gorgeous! !