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Every time I watch this I wonder what happened to Kookie.
Look at itttt
It looked like he took off the bandaid and it was healing.. but it just looks like it hurt Note: This was not recent so he's healed but I just wanted to point this out because it stood out a lot for me. Did you guys notice it?
[ Update] I thought it was gone but it's still there! Awhhh it scarred :(
and yup.. hurts SO MUCH
@DetkaN I think he must likely scraped it O: I've gotten enough floor burns to know how it would look 馃槶
I'm so stupid. I confused the bruise or scratch as a tattoo in the third pic since it looks like a circle with a star in it 馃槕
@neener he probably done it at practice or something
he was probably doing something manly when that happened~ or he just fell , something like that...either way that sucks.馃槸
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