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Who Will Win "Best Song of Summer"?

It's the time of the season where MTV will be collecting vote for the "Best Song of the Summer" and just in case you're new to this, it's entirely decided by social votes. So, who do you think will take the crown home this year at VMA?

Here are the nominated songs:

Fifth Harmony — “Worth It”

5SOS — “She’s Kinda Hot”

Taylor Swift — “Bad Blood”

Demi Lovato — “Cool For the Summer”

Major Lazer — “Lean On”

Selena Gomez featuring ASAP — “Good For You”

The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face”

David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj — “Hey Mama”

OMI — “Cheerleader”

Fetty Wap — “My Way”

Skrillex & Diplo featuring Justin Bieber — “Where Are Ü Now”

Silento — “Watch Me”

Personally, I think none of the songs really feel like summer but if I have to choose 5SOS's “She’s Kinda Hot” or Selena Gomez's "Good for You."
If you're interesting in voting you can do this by using the following hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. #(Title of The Song)VMA.
sometimes I feel like I am the only one in my school that like 5sos can't wait for October 23
I love 5sos
@shannonl5 That's what I thought! But I just checked MTV's page and it looks like 5SOS and Fifth Harmony are taking the lead.
@alise oh wow! I'm surprised but I think this is a good thing. I like Taylor Swift a lot but I think there should be space for lots of artists to succeed
I feel like Bad Blood might win just because it was so popular. I like a few of the other ones better though
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