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So, @Armando7 posted a card of what means love to you, and since I was tagged by @allischaaff I decided to write a short card of what love means to me. Thank you both. This is just my way of looking at love, you are free and welcome to comment, but keep in mind, we all have different minds. Love is a concept that is difficult to define a general in the strict sense of the word. However, it always reflects an emotional attachment and affection for a particular person, object or even a concept. Because of so many views on love, defining such a complex emotion is so much more difficult. I believe that the interpretation of love is strongly subjective, as every individual is experiencing it differently, in his or her own way. Each expresses their love for their families, although in certain cases, they are not aware of. Also, everyone expresses their love for their friends and other loved ones, who stand beside us. Each feels the love of certain activities, which bring satisfaction and pride. In particular, I would like to highlight the love of a partner. Attractiveness that we feel for our classmates when we are young usually does not show the true love. Attractiveness has only a little to do with love. We can talk about love, when we are starting to feel strange emotions for someone, emotions we were never aware of before. It is something new and indescribable. As I said, the real love does not have a lot in common with physical attractiveness. Which leads us asking this question: “So, when are we really in love?” We can only answer this question based on our experiences. No one can explain it to us, because love, at this point, is impossible to define with words. It could be a bit easier to explain it with our actions and behavior. Just think of Rome & Juliet. Tremendous obstacles were positioned on their romantic journey, and even though they did not lived happily ever after, they had overcame all the obstacles. Love is something you work on, something that just feels right. It is something that can change your live for better in every aspect possible. However, as amazing and enchanting it can be, it can also change your life for worse. A lost love usually make us not wanting “the love” at first place. So, is it even worth it then?
First - great card! I think you've hit on many of the ideas and concepts that people ponder when thinking about what love means (personally). I believe - since @shannonl5 opened this can of worms with me - That there are several variables that first must be addressed when trying to define love: The word has come to be overused and therefore in many ways when people speak of love they do so in a non-literal sense. There are categories of love - romantic/intimate love - such as what you'd feel for a mate. Platonic love - such as what you feel for friends and people you come to love in a non-romantic way. Familial love - the love you feel for family members. Brotherly love - a love you feel for people in society who have shared powerful emotional experiences with you, military combat veterans often form these sorts of strong emotional bonds with one another. There is Self love - the love one should have for themselves as a mechanism for building a positive self-image and self-esteem. There's love of external non-living things, love of pets, which can actually become very similar to familial love. Etc... Then there are variables which make love a uniquely powerful emotion and motivator - while at the same time making it nearly impossible to quantify. Love is subjective and completely a construct of the individual. This means that there is no standard or quantifiable quality that can be universally applied to the definition of love because from individual to individual it can and will mean different things. So let's look at the heart of your card - it's basically the old philosophical romantic question of "is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?" This is something that in one way shape or form every person who has experienced some form of love loss asks themselves when dealing with the emotion pain of that loss. I'm going to put a slightly different spin on it. Love is an emotion that is obviously programmed into our minds - our "mind" being the totality of our personality, thoughts, memories, etc... The mind is a function of our brain but is something more for it cannon exist without life and so far science hasn't been able to determine how our brains are able to allow the creation or our minds. You can't hold a thought or hear the words that you think but that doesn't make them any less real. We do have thoughts and we do think in words and language that equates to an "internal voice". What is love is an ev...
Really good explation, @rodiziketan :) I "love" it! (notice the pun? teehee!) I believe that even when love is lost, there's always someone better out there. You may not believe it at first, when you are truly heartbroken, but eventually you will heal and be ready to find love withs someone else. True love will happen when the time is right, and if that person is truly right for you and you for them, they will NEVER break your heart!
This is a really interesting question! I my experience, love is caring for other people, wanting them to be happy and safe. @JonPatrickHyde you probably have some good thoughts on the subject, I'd love to hear them!
Thank you for your inspiring response @JonPatrickHyde that was truly amazing to read. I personally agree with you. Just because loving someone truly and fully can end in heartbreak, that doesn't mean it's not something worth doing. I've loved friends that had to move away- and being apart from them broke my heart. I've had other people I care about go through loss, and I've hurt because they hurt. But loving despite knowing you might be hurt is I think the epitome of bravery. And there have been partners that I loved- none of us ended up working out, but I don't think I love them any less. In fact, I think the way I love them has evolved. And I think that's normal and healthy too, or it can be. And honestly, I think I am for the most part aromantic. For me, it doesn't mean I don't love people. I feel love quite fiercely. But I think that my experience of it is very different from many other people. And I think it's allowed me to realize very quickly that just because the love I feel for another person isn't romantic doesn't make it any less important or potent. It means that I value my friendships and my relationships with my family very much. I think where I'm at in my life, I know that all loves change and shift and eventually depart. Loss is a natural part of life. But love is what makes life worth living. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, you always give me a lot to think about.