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Hello hello everyone, LiNaHyun here with episode 2 of my k-pop MV breakdowns, this episode is BIGBANG's Lets Not Fall In Love, I was gonna do VIXX LR but nothing really happened in the MV, and they were basically in a box the entire time -_- Again, anything I say is meant to be funny and not to offend anyone, but knowing the beautiful K-Pop community, they won't get offended ^^ So lets get a move on!
How did she not see him??? She clearly saw him walking, TOP isn't exactly hard to miss
How did she get up there?????? And what are those holes in Taeyang's shirt?????
Bitch, get your own damn bread.
This is an intense turtle neck.
GD is clearly not amused and 100% done with your shit.
Intense death stare.
This turtle neck is so intense, look at it, its so invasive.
Hey look! It's Suzy!
How many people have tried this and hurt themselves?? I know I have...
Where the HELL is the store owner/manager????????????
It's raining heavily and GD's hair isn't wet.
There you go!
TOP can not comprehend the fact that he was denied.
She...she looks a little young for you Taeyang...
So that's done, I hope you all enjoyed episode 2, I'll be doing GD&TOP's Zutter next and Girls' Generation after that but if there is a MV you would like me to breakdown feel free to comment it in the comment section ^^ See you K-Poppers later~
Too funny lol
"Get your own damn bread" LMAO