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Early Note: Yes, I know that some people already do these things!! But, in the majority of dating I've done lately, I feel like there's just so many things lacking that I heard about from my grandparents and great aunts and uncles.
I want us to start doing this again, so I'm going to try to initiate some of these!!

Going Dancing...To LIVE Music!

I sort of hate clubbing? It's grimey and unless you go somewhere with a live DJ spinning its just kind of....blah! How about this. How about we all start going dancing to live music again? Wouldn't that be fun? Sure, I don't know how to dance, but I can take a free salsa lesson at the bar down the street and we'll be good to go when they have band nights!

Bringing Flowers!

I know some girls hate this, but hey! It doesn't have to be the guy bringing the flowers! Guys or gals. I just think it's a sweet gesture to show that you genuinely care about setting up the date, and that you respect them. At least to me it does!

Be CLEAR About Status

There are so may people who get into the awkwardness of "oh, I'm not sure if we're together or what," and they actually feel awkward about asking...? Uhhh!? Look!! You like this person. You're lucky enough to be close to them, and they to you. Be clear about what you are! And be proud of the chance to ask.

Dress Up a Bit!

I don't live in a big city right now so maybe this is a side effect of that, but I'm tired of making plans to go to a sort of nice restaurant and still feeling over dressed compared to my date. I know everyone isn't like this, but it works both ways.
I've seen guy friends of mine dress nice, while their dates don't. I say dress however you want usually, but hey! Have a day to dress in your Sunday finest and go from there. It can be fun :) Or have a silly dress up day. Just do something to do a little extra flair, you know? Show you care and all that.

What other "old fashioned" dating habits do you love?

ahhhh! if only. all of these things are extremely rare, but I agree that they should def be brought back! @ChristinaBryce
hmm my ex used to open doors for me ( even the car door) and i thought that was so sweet! i miss little romantic gestures like that
@jordanhamilton read thissss!!
@Christina Bryce I agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said!
I'd say these these qualities and doing the dirty with somebody a couple days after you meet them or day of.
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