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Okay, I have a thing for glasses, slim/athletic, tattoos and petite-ness, so when Shizuku here came along, I was pretty enamored! *slight* spoiler ahead , so, if you're watching Hunter X Hunter or plan to, you've been warned*
So when it was predicted that she, along with 4-5 other Troupe members were going to die fighting, "The chain user (Kurapika)" , I was so sad! But thankfully, she didn't get killed! Then, 30-40 episodes later, the following scene happened ^.^ (Don't know the models name, not my picture)
Do I feel weird having a slight crush on a collection of pixels? Yes. Do I still find her to be gorgeous? Yes. And psh, don't lie! I know you have at least a few too! Who are they? Haha You are now in the circle of trust ;p Share your beauties with me lol
Another one of mine... Princess Elizabeth from Nanatsu No Taizai (or, Seven Deadly Sins. By far, my favorite anime! Hoping for season two! I highly recommend it!!!)
I totally understand the feeling of being weirdly crushing on a collection of pixels, haha. For me, the character I've probably crushed on the hardest is probably Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail A total badass and beauty. I might have to write up my own anime crush card!
im so with you. first episode she appeared in i was like yup anime crush
@VinMcCarthy great idea! If you make one, so will I. :3
@DanRodriguez Lol. I was expecting to see Major Motoko Kusanagi! Haha. I know you mentioned that character before as well :)
LOL @poojas! Well, I'm still crushing over Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost In The Shell. If I had to choose which appearance I like more, I'd say from the manga and Stand Alone Complex. Another would be Roberta the Maid from Black Lagoon.
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